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Feb 22, 2007 01:32 PM

Which is the best CSA?

I'm really interested in support in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) this year. I understand how they work... once a week pickup at a dropoff point. Who is happy with their farm? How much do you pay weekly? (seems like $20/week for a small basket is about the norm)

Thanks for the help!

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  1. I think most people are happy with their CSA - we are for the most part. There are times when we are dissatisfied, but it is usually when there is bad weather that affects the harvest or not enough variety.
    I picked my CSA only becasue it had the closest drop-off spot to my home. I didn't want to have to travel too far each week to get my food, and all the CSA's are a step-up in quality from what you'd get in the store.
    Obviously there is less variety in a CSA because you wont get any pineapples, mangoes, kiwis, etc...

    Just go to the Equiterre website and pick one!

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      Is there a way to access this information in English? The Equiterre web site becomes French when you click CSA finder. I have just started learning the language (this week we learned numbers ha ha) so I am stuck.

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        Joining in on the convo, I think I'll look into the equiterre baskets this year. I've used Jardin des Anges in the past and was generally pleased, but found their limited selection of baskets disappointing - there's a veggie only option (which is new), but no fruit only or small basket options, just the option to add on to an existing basket, which ends up being too much food for one person. Their service and selection are fantastic though, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for organic produce for two or more people.

      2. It looks like the list for the upcoming season is not yet online.
        Check back regularly as it should go up any day now....

        1. My favorite CSA is Stephen Homer from LA Ferme Zephyr but he is a farmer first, a foodie second and a business man third. SO the third part meaning that he is sometimes late to arrive at depot and not always organized. If you are laid back and can overlook that he grows a lot of interesting gourmet veggies. Carrots, radishes, peppers, etc in assorted colors, candystriped beets, miniatures, cerise de terre, fleur de l'ail, kohlrabi, celeriac, jerusalem artichokes. When looking for a CSA you might want to ask if the farm is in a formal or informal cooperative. The farms that supply the Mtl region have different growing conditions. So, eg, one year STephen's tomatoes didn't do well but his assorted greens were abundant. He bartered with a farm in the Eastern Townships and was able to supply us with tomatoes. I think a lot of the CSA's are doing that now. If you are particular in your likes and dislikes you might also want to ensure that there is an exchange box.

          1. Do you know where his dropoff spots are?
            I Googled them but their website seems to be dead...
            Do you maybe have their email address?

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            1. re: spankyhorowitz

              In the past there was a drop off at Coop de la maison vert on Sherbrooke St. West near Melrose. This time of year Stephen oftens goes abroad to visit family so may be hard to reach him.

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                Is equiterre missing CSAs? I don't see La Ferme Zephyr on their list, although I do see his website. I aslo don't see Glenorra ( there, although they sent me an email telling me they're currently taking subscribers. I seem to remember their being more CSAs in the plateau and city centre last summer?

            2. Hi all,

              I wanted to bump up this thread in preparation for the spring CSA sign-up. I have just moved to Montreal and don't want to miss the opportunity to get on a CSA list. Equiterre says the 2008 list will be posted on March 4. I'm looking for a CSA preferably with a drop-off spot in Mile End. Or somewhere along Parc between Pine and Bernard. I need to have something to look forward to!! La Ferme Zephyr looks amazing, but the drop-off is pretty far out of my way. Other suggestions?? Thanks.