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Feb 22, 2007 01:18 PM

Sushi, Octopus roe

A while back @ the Hump In Santa Monica I had Octopus Roe and fell in love. Since then I've never seen or heard of it anywhere else. Anybody seen it, especially in NYC?

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    1. Had it in Tokyo many times last year. Here all l have seen is escargot roe, VERY expensive

      1. Wow- I'd never even heard of it. Thanks for broadening my scope!

        1. I just had in Lisbon, Portugal.

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          1. I had never heard of this as a "food" before.

            From looking at the posted pics it looks like sometimes it is the actual eggs (first set of pics) versus sometimes being the pressed pre-laid egg mass (second pic).

            This post also made me look up the word roe since I realized maybe I didn't know exactly what the word meant - or never really had thought about it. I guess there really isn't a consensus on how it is used - which once I thought about it I guess I understood on some level (e.g. Salmon roe - I expect individual eggs vs Shad roe - I expect the whole internal egg sac).

            Interesting post.

            Did you have individual eggs like in the sushi in the first set of pics (grocerytrekker) - or what looks like a pressed/cured form in the second pic posting (Lbcuisine)?