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Authentic Cafe Space

Does anyone know what is going to go into the old Authentic Cafe location?

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  1. It's called Terroni, supposedly a branch of a place in Toronto.

    1. Really? A Canadian chain restaurant? In this neighborhood? Really?

      I just keep imagining the equivalent of, like, a Jollibee but with hockey, moose, and beer.

      1. Well, that would be amusing! But if indeed it is the same place from Toronto, their menu is mostly thin crust pizza with some pastas, paninis and salads. There's a few funny things on it though -- it says they won't offer Diet Coke, which might work in Canada but I suspect, not so much in L.A., and it says they offer "complimentary wine" -- obviously a typo, but if the wine was really free, I'm sure they'd be very popular!

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          I think that the "complimentary" wine means that it compliments the food....

          1. re: babette s

            ...and should thus read "complEmentary"

        2. Where did you hear that Terroni was taking the spot?

          1. Hungry,

            Terroni is taking the spot. It's posted on the restaurant itself, but I also happen to know that executives were from Toronto last week to evaluate the space and do some other business in LA. They also have an LA investor involved so they can begin operations here. Terroni is widely praised in Toronto, and they are planning on investing a pretty good chunk of change, so I don't think it'll be just a run of the mill pizza joint.

            I'm excited b/c I can walk there too :)

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              Good info. Thanks.

              But so much for my fantasy of a Canadian-themed restaurant....

              1. re: hungrygirl106

                Ah, but you can always go to the Canadian Cafe for that!


                Poutine, anyone?

                1. re: ElsieDee

                  I was there for the first time a month ago for lunch and loved it. Am looking for an excuse to take my car back to the dealer in Monrovia so I can bag lunch there again.

            2. What...I'm sure they will find a way to work a zamboni, a moose and good ole' fashioned canadian maple syrup in there.
              "Blame Canada"

              1. Terroni is all over the place in Toronto, as I discovered when I lived there briefly a couple years ago. Nothing too exciting, kind of reminded me of Pomodoro (that chain in the Target plaza on SMB).

                1. Like Pomodoro? Oy. I am now disturbed.

                  1. Mehfactor...I don't know if three locations qualifies as "all over the place" It's not Providence, but I'd hardly insult Terroni by putting it in the level of Pomodoro...I mean, that barely qualifies as food.
                    Unless there's another Terroni in Toronto, or there's multiple locations I don't know about...I know there's an uptown location, a downtown Toronto location and a third location..

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                      Sorry about the inaccuracy re: number of locations. It did, however, seem to be the standby place for Italian, eating in and delivery, when I lived in downtown T.O., hence my perception that it was omnipresent. That said, I thought the food was always very simple and average.

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                        Terroni doesn't deliver. The food is simple, but I wouldn't call it average. They make their own pasta daily, their sausage too, and even the lady fingers in the divine tiramisu. And they import their own dark chocolate and olive oil. Surely, not the stuff of an average chain. And I think it's safe to assume they won't change a thing for their soon-to-open LA location. Nor should they.

                        1. re: jdog3000

                          So open already, I'm starving!

                          Terroni is around the corner from me and it's been painful watching them take their sweet Canadian time getting ready. The neighborhood is dying for a good little casual Italian with a BAR.

                          The woodwork inside looks real nice. Now start cranking out the pies would ya?

                          N.B. They're obviously from Canada or they never would have wasted all that time painting such an elaborate mural on the eastern wall. Guess they don't have taggers in Toronto. I give it another week.

                    2. Hopefully with an injection of LA capital, they'll keep the name and concept, but perhaps spice it up, class it up, and LA it up a little bit...I'm always up for good pizza within walking distance.

                      1. hg106, terroni's is the best. I have just moved to SF and will fly down the minute it opens -enjoy