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Feb 22, 2007 01:03 PM

Whole Foods Gems

I copied this from a CH post last year and have added some of my own


Packaged Starches: Casbah Saffron Jasmine Rice
Seeds of Change 7Grain Pilaf(TREMENDOUS ), and Cilantro Quinoa
Casbah? Moroccan Rice w/Lentils ,and Couscous w/Lentils and Tomatoes

Chips etc:Barbara's Cheese Puffs in White Bag (the ONLY great cheese puffs i have ever found);
Frontera Chipotle Lime Tortilla Chips
Potato Chips

Blue Moon sorbets- grapefruit campari, and peach melba
V cornmeal pizza crusts (TREMENDOUS;the ONLY pizza crust for me,but i pre-bake 7 min. before topping)
Nature's Touch veggie patties- vegetable medley and spicy black bean- good low carb starch
Rudolph’s Whole Rye Bread, brown wrapper- The most toothsome hearty Rye bread i have found -for toast- not sandwiches)

Bread:Pigs Fly- Dark Rye , Harvest
Iggy's- all theirs but especially Francese(though the holes are a drag)

Chocolates: Newman's own peanut butter cups
Vosges Bars- esp. Red Fire Bar and the Barcelona with salt and smoked almonds
Orange Choc. bar :Black and Green, and Chocolove

Cheese dept.:
34degrees Goat Feta in jar- unbelievable wonderful
Italian Truffle Cheese
Forme d’Ambert
Fresh ricotta
Red pepper and feta spread in jar
Vermont cheese co. lightly salted or unsalted butter in yellow paper-wrapped tube
bruderbasel smoked cheese- for pizza
Truffle cheese
Parmesan (their new wisconsin parm is very very good, as cheaper alternative to the expensive italian ones)
Danish feta in a jar (with herbed marinade which can be used to marinade lamb or chicken or beef; add red wine vinegar first)
Fresh ravioli- Smoked mozzarella and Red pepper; and Lobster
Cilantro pesto (Bear pond farm and Cibo)
Cibo Artichoke Lemon Pesto

Lifeway Raspberry Kefir

Salad Dressings:
Cindy's: Chipotle ranch, Cilantro, Deeply Roasted Sesame, Greek with Feta and Olive,
(Cindy’s Ranch and Creamy Miso need work)
Annie's Goddess
365 Peanut Sauce (for peanut noodle salad)

Trout, Skate ( both are very flavorful fresh fish that won't break the bank)
Charlie Trotter's 2 gravlax types
Frozen minced clams
Smoked scallops
Whole foods teriyaki orange marinade next to seafood

Meats: Assorted Chicken Sausages

Deli:Risotto Cakes
Masa Cakes
Cilantro Fritters
The best deli Corned Beef i have had
Turkey/Smoked Turkey
Sesame Noodle salad
Roasted Beets
Guacamole-not low fat
Red pepper hoomus
Teryaki Chicken Wings

Soups: Butternut Squash Soup
Corn chowder(i add cooked shrimp, smoked and regular scallops,clam juice, cilantro and pesto to this)
Clam chowder(i add more clams, and corn to this)
Tomato fennel soup (i add cooked wheatberries or brown and wild rice, and/or chopped ham to this)

Peeled garlic (better quality and price than Trader Joe’s)
Munch Mix sprouts – particularly good for salads- adzuki,lentil and pea sprouts
Jerusalem Artichokes
Burdock Root
Comice Pears

Arrowhead crunchy peanut butter and almond butter
Maple syrup- (grade B for stronger flavor)

Spices and Baking:
They are the only ones who carry my fav curry powder-Sun brand Madras-in small gold square can- TONS better than any other brand(even from Indian food stores)
Sweet Hungarian Paprika
Buttermilk Powder
Golden Syrup (alternative to corn syrup)
Packaged Flours
Flours( incl.hard-to-find WHITE pastry flour)
Grains, Spices,Herbs, Dried Fruit
Ginger Chew candies

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  1. I think my favorite part of Whole Foods is the bulk items section - peanut butter malt balls, dark chocolate covered candied ginger, five different types of raisins, dried figs/prunes/apricots, and about fifteen different varieties of granola. in the fall, my local Whole Foods Market was apple mecca, I think they had at least 8 different kinds of apples at any given time.

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    1. re: bijoux16

      I agree, the dried fruit section is great. the real peanut butter, dried mango, dates are all great. not to mention the varieties of granola. my WF does unfortunately have an olive bar but would like to see.

      other items I get regularly there:
      dried papaya
      flax granola
      365 pita bread
      black bean dip
      dill tofu spread
      sweet potato offerings from the cold/hot bars
      grilled tempeh
      mini risotto balls
      great smoked salmon selection
      seaweed salad
      hummus sandwiches
      (these are just scratching the surface)

      if nothing else, who beats Whole Foods for tremendous SAMPLES!!!

    2. I agree that their butternut squash soup is excellent. I like their frozen Indian entrees as well, and I just got a package of their wheat english muffins and am now addicted.

      I'll have to keep an eye out for the risotto cakes the next time I go back (probably this week to get more english muffins!)

      1. Ethnic Gourmet line is great - indian foods (frozen); Also, the WF brand frozen enchiladas are good;

        Guacomole is good.

        *Note - the Amys frozen meals are often either on sale or a lot cheaper at WF or Wild Oats than normal stores. This may seem obvious, but finidng a significant savings at WF of $1-2+ is nice.

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        1. re: stellamystar

          I go to WF for certain things that you cannot get at the other grocery stores...My favorite things are....The peanut and almond butter in the large vats, their collard greens..very little washing needed as they are so clean already, their jalapeno pimento cheese ( I'm addicted to this stuff!), their beautiful assortment of cheeses (currently my favorite is a cross between gouda and parmesan..great!), the Horizon Organic colby cheese sticks, the smoked turkey sticks, WF pesto, their Atlantic salmon (always better here), their chicken drummettes ( have much more meat on them than other places), "Men's Bread" ( low in carbs and the frozen section), Rick Bayless Frozen pizza, all of the different varieties of Cedar's hummus, canned black soy beans (great in chili), their olive bar (love the chili olives, Italian cherry peppers, and roasted red peppers), breakfast pastries, prepared garlic bread, the variety of Amy's frozen products, and the prepared dumplings....

        2. I am visiting Seattle this week and went to visit a friend that lives on the same block as the wholefoods near the space needle. For dinner, we all went down to WF to pick out what we wanted. I was very impressed with this branch and wished I had one like this close to me. In their fresh meat and fish area they have a grill in which they will cook your meat item to order and for $2.99, they will add two side dishes. They do not charge extra to cook the meat (reminded me of the Chinese markets that fries your fish for free). They also had an incredible prepared food area of many various ethnic varieties. My friends had crab cakes and had them grill it. I chose thier fried chicken with mac 'n cheese and green beans. They give you so much food, my meal could serve 2 people or be your leftovers for lunch the next day. Anyways, I couldn't finish it. I had one bite of the crab cake and would love to go back for more. Some consider it an expensive place, but if we would have gone to a restro, it would have been at least 2x the cost.

          1. does anyone else love their granola bars? they are usually in the bakery department and are wrapped in saran wrap and sold by weight ($4.99/pound in nyc). they are moist, chewy, and full of sesames, cashews, pumpkin seeds, dried fruit, honey, and oats of course.

            also wondering what happened to their house brand canned "stewed tomatoes with herbs"? i think they came in 15oz size. i only was able to buy them once at my WF in nyc, then they disappeared. they were delicious - sweet, tangy, well seasoned and strong fresh herb flavor. now the only types available are the plain stewed tomatoes or with basil, which doesn't have as much flavor.