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Feb 22, 2007 12:59 PM

Yogurt World Convoy St SD

I have always hated frozen yogurt. To me it always seemed like a pale low fat version of ice cream. Whole milk, heavy cream and butter have always been my standards. Also grwoing up i always had really sour Albanian yogurt, so frozen yogurt really did nothing for me

So anyways on my trip to O Briens last week i noticed a new frozen yogurt shop opening in the same shopping center. Needless to say, i was not too excited. I did take note of the fact that it was operated by asians in SD's Asian area. This to me semed odd as i didnt know this was a product tied into the community. What further piqued my interest was the article in the dining section of the NY Times about Korean frozen yogurt places in LA. This article noted how these places were taking frozen yogurt back to its origins as literally frozen yogurt, not a sweetened less fatty ice cream.

So after meeting a former colleague today at Obriens for lunch(the Port Weizen Bock is fantastic by the way), I stopped by this place for a sample. when i walked in the guy behind the counter explained to me the set up. You take a cup and fill it with whatever flavour you like, you can mix if you wish then fill it with toppings and pay by weight. There were a number of flavours, including four sour asian ones. Taking my cue from the article i filled my cup up with half plain and half asian pear. Of the available toppings i put on blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and sweetened cocunut shavings. Alli have to say is wow. The yogurt tasted exaclty like that, like yogurt. Not sweetened soft serve ice cream but yogurt. That wonderful sourness of the yogurt worked really well with the whole berries(not in syrup) and the coconut. You got the rich sourness from the yogurt plus the sweetn berries. This is good for the same reason that cheesecake is good, or blueberries and buttermilk is. The pear was good too, tart and sour at the same time. I will be back

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  1. Awesome report. Thanks for the tip.

    Funny, I remember being a kid in LA when frozen yogurt first hit the market and the reason people didn't like it was the sourness. Then, sometime later frozen yogurt turned into a super-sweet, boring, ice cream substitute. Yawn.

    I will go check this out for sure.

    1. Thanks for posting this. I just read that NY Times article the other day, too, and I was wondering when SD would get such a place and now I know. Thanks!

      1. Just got back from a brief excursion over there. Great find.

        The deal is they have 4 sour flavors, 4 flavors with no sugar added (fruit sweetened), and then either 6 or 8 that are sweet.

        I sampled three of the sour flavors, and wound up getting mango. Topped it with fresh diced strawberries, blueberries, and coconut. All yogurt places should be like this. Definitely second MVNYCs recommendation on this one.

        1. They had plenty of sweetened varities and four sour ones, pear, plain, mango and green tea. I will definitely head back to try the mago and green tea. What i really liked about the toppings was that they were real fruit, whole blue and black berries, chopped up strawberries, pineapple, watermelon instead of sweetened syrups. There were also chocolate toppings like butterfinger pieces. The lack of cloyingly sweet bases and toppings makes this place a sort of ice cream for grownups.

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            Yeah I sampled the green tea. It was nice. Real fresh fruit was a definite plus, too. I hope that they continue to offer that as they stay in business.

            If you like that, you might also enjoy Persian ice cream. Parsian International Market on Convoy, and Balboa International Market both sell it. They have pistachio and orange blossom flavors. The pistachio is flavored with saffron and rosewater. I found it to be less sweet than standard American ice cream, and the saffron adds a really interesting flavor.

          2. thanks for the report! I saw it this weekend on a trip for boba tea at Tapioca Express. Would have gone there instead but I was craving matcha green tea snow bubble...