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Feb 22, 2007 12:26 PM

Pendery's and Other Chili Mixes Available in Texas

I have a dear friend who lives in the DFW area and she owes me a 'favor'... heh... I recently finished up my Penzey's Extra Hot Chili Powder and wanted to try something else. I figure in Texas they probably have some great regional mixes available! My first thought was Pendery's but that appears to be a mail order only operation. any one else know of any great regional chili powders. It would be GREAT if she could just pick up at the grocery store or somewhere nearby (Mail ordering it would kinda defeat the purpose of the whole thing! :P)


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  1. Looks to me like Pendery's has a store in Fort Worth - click on 'contact us' on the website

    How about Wick Fowler's mix -- ever used that? It's available in practically every grocery store in Texas. I was looking thru the recent CASI winners recipes and was surprised to see some use Mexene - one of the oldest chili powders. Will be available everywhere, too.

    Bolner's Fiesta Brand out of San Antonio may be available in DFW. It's very similar to the chili powder in the Wick Fowler mix.

    The others I know of are out of Houston - Cin Chili, Zack's, Pecos Red, Cyclone - and probably not available in DFW.

    I've never used any Penzey's or Pendery's. How was the Penzey's - we have a store here, I guess I should try it.

    1. Pendery's is a must-visit for any CH in Fort Worth. They have numerous chili powders, and they are great. They also have a wonderful selection of other herbs, spices and dried chiles.

      1. I have not liked Pendery's chiles or seasonings. They do not honor their customer service guarantee.

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            Can you elaborate a little BellaDonna?

          2. I'm desperate to find a chili mix called Red River Chili, once sold by Neiman Marcus. NM seems to know nothing about it, but my supply is gone and I hope someone has seen / heard about it. It used to come in a little blue denim bag......

            1. I haven't seen Red River Chili, but stepping in to recommend Cin Chili & Co. chili mix I discovered this winter. A most excellent mix. Sold at larger Spec's stores.


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