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Feb 22, 2007 12:14 PM

Business dinner in D.C. for international group


Need some advice. I'm planning a business dinner for my boss for April. There are app. 20 people. They will be at a meeting first in Rosslyn and I wanted to have them come over to D.C. for dinner. I've looked at the boards and have seen recommendations (Equinox, Zaytinya, and Caucus Room appeal to me) but I don't know if that's going to work for my boss. I need something nice with good food but not pretentious. This group is from around the world so it would be preferable if they could go somewhere where they could have choices i.e. steak, chicken, veggie option. I don't think I want to pick a particular ethnic cuisine since they are from western Europe (one of them is from Turkey) and so I don't think it's a good idea to go with Italian or French.

Thanks for the help. Hounds know food......


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  1. If it was me hosting this international business group, I would go to Taberna del Alabardero. There are a variety of nice rooms, suitable for 20. Excellent food, attentive and non-obtrusive service, terrific wine list. While this is a Spanish restaurant, the cuisine would not likely be particularly ethnic to a Western European group.

    1. If it were me, since they are from overseas but businessmen, I'd take them to some quintessentially American place with American food that caters to the business trade. Possibilities would be places like Old Ebbit Grill, or for beef/steaks Capital Grille or Prime Rib, or Oceanaire or Kinkaids for seafood. I'm not sure what pretentious means, or what the budget is, but certainly OEG ought to qualify. If you want steak and are OK with staying near the meeting venue, you could try Ray's the Steaks just up the hill. But whether that would work, given it's size, decor, and the usual 90 minute limit, I'm not sure. Call and work that out in advance.

      Something else "ethnic" they might like (this is an off-the-wall idea), and is right there in Roslyn, would be a Chinese banquet at China Garden--CG could certainly put something together that would appeal to and be remembered fondly by such a group, and the choosing/ordering step would be eliminated, along with any risk of what the bill will turn out to be.

      You ought to participate in Tom Sietsema's chat next Wednesday. Give him some clear parameters of what you want (especially budget) and he might just post your question and give you some useful ideas. You could do the same for Todd Kliman's chat on Tuesday; with Todd's chat, you'd probably have a better chance of getting a response. Try Todd and if he doesn't give a response go for Tom the next day. Worth a shot.

      1. Try DC Coast, Ocenaire, Old Ebbit Grill, or Kinkeads.

        Nice for an American style business lunch!