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Feb 22, 2007 12:14 PM

Cozy Keg-like in Scarborough?

My Husband and I are staying in Scarborough this week-end and are looking for a good restaurant without too much fussy-'foodies'-food. My husband's a picky eater and interesting combinations scare him. I would love to go to Perigee, but not with him! I've tried doing some searching on this site, but there's so much to filter through, I thought I'd ask directly. We will likely dine at the Keg one night and are looking for a second, slightly different option for the next night (preferrably not a chain restaurant). We love rich, warm & cozy styles (even lodge-like). Alternatively, we would enjoy a themed, entertaining type restaurant. Willing to pay upwards of $150 for two, if worthwhile. A fireplace/pit would be a real bonus! Also, willing to go downtown to find such a place. I know this sounds so basic as far as connoisseurs are concerned, but we're young-ish and get treated poorly when we go into the high-end though we couldn't possibly spend enough/tip enough to warrant their good service. Any ideas?

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  1. As you mentioned that you don't mind going downtown, my recommendation is the Rosebud. It's small and cozy (though not in a lodge sort of way), the food is very accessible (e.g., braised short ribs... which are excellent, btw), the service is great without being stuffy and the crowd is eclectic.

    1. on the night you're going to the Keg, are you going to the one on York St? If you sit at in the bar area you can be right by the fireplace -- it's a beautiful fireplace too. The bar area has bench seating and regular chairs/tables so it is very comfortable for dinner

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        I figured on going to the one in Scarborough, they say they have three fireplaces, too (I called after seeing your post). Any chance they're nice? Is the Scarborough location well kept? If we're downtown already, we'll go to York St. for sure. Thanks for your comments.

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          I don't know the Keg in Scarborough - if it has 3 fireplaces, I am sure it will be very cozy. The Keg on York St is a unique Keg in that it is a really modern, stylish design, very intimate - it's not at all lodge way style though. Trying to think of another warm/cozy restaurant . . .

      2. Vincent's Spot is on Kingston Rd. by the lake and the Bluffs Very cozy very romantic a diamond in the rough. Guaranteed to be a fantastic dining experience.
        Outstanding! I have visited this restaurant many times. It is my favorite
        You will not find a better meal in this city for this price!

        1. For straight forward no surpises food and a good price I'd recommend:

          1, Joe Maggiano's Italian Steak House (attached to the plaza at the northwest corner of Victoria Park Ave and Sheppard). A variety of steak cuts, ribs, etc. Good italian side dishes. Fairly new and very clean with a nice New York Style fireplace though.

          2. The Blackhorn Dining Room at 251 Ellesmere Rd (Ellesmere and Warden -southwest corner). Been around for years because they serve a good steak (lamb chops, veal marsala, etc.) at a good price. Decor is typical steak house (dark, wood, leather) but still nice.

          3.Barclay's Steak and Seafood house is a real throw back to the 80's...the decor's a bit dated but neat and clean...french service (i.e. waiter's in tuxes, etc.) so you need to dress up a bit (i.e. jacket for men, etc.) . It's on Lawrence near warden.

          4. The Mandalay at 3478 Lawrence (in a plaza at Lawrence and Markham rd. - just down the street from the Scarborough Keg). Despite the name, the food is straight forward with just a hint of asian influence. nothing to look at from the outside but a nice cozy fire place though.

          1. Canyon Creek Chophouse right by Scarborough Town Centre is similar to the Keg, but it's a chain (though smaller than the Keg). Montanna's off McCowan might have a fireplace and has ribs, meatloaf, sandwhices, etc. It's definitely lodge-like, with taxidermy animals as decor.