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Restaurants that deliver near Beverly & Fairfax/LaBrea

Any good suggestions?

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  1. I live very close to that area and asked a similar question not too long ago: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/351818

      1. I kind of doubt that Grace delivers.
        In addition to India's Grill which I mentioned on the old thread, Holy Cow recently opened on Third at La Cienega offering Indian delivery.

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          oh... sorry. i didn't realize you meant "deliver" as in home delivery... and no, grace definitely will not do that.

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            Whycookla.com will deliver food from Grace.

          2. We moved to that area a week ago, and have been ordering in since we're still unpacking the kitchen. Buddha's Belly, Chulada Grill, Bossa Nova and Kung Pao Bistro have all been decent. I want to try Mao's Kitchen as well.

            1. Zen Grill, Surya, Electric Karma, Kung Pao Bistro, Wakano, Jeri's Deli.

              1. Welcome to the neighborhood. If you keep eating locally, you're bound to run into hungrygirl, peanut or myself or any other number of 'hounds in this neck of the woods.

                Doughboys doesn't deliver, but you can call (or fax) an order ahead for pickup, which is probably best since parking on 3rd street really sucks.

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                  Sauce, you are positively obsessed with Doughboys! I love your enthusiasm. I've actually never been. With the exception of a few places (A.O.C., Electric Karma, Joan's), I tend to avoid restaurants on 3rd because of the heinous parking situation. But for those times when I walk over there, what would you recommend at Doughboys?

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                    For breakfast, I recommend the SOS but that's because I'm a sloppy heathen Navy brat.

                    They've got wonderful soups, and while everyone raves (rightfully so) about their French Onion soup, I actually prefer the steak soup. Their best soup you can't even get on its own, but rather as part of the "after school special" which is a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato cream soup. But be forewarned that this sandwich is so large, it really should just be called a sammich; two could split it easily.

                    AND THEN you get to the desserts such as the noted Red Velvet Cake for which they are most famous, but my favorite is the hummingbird cake. Their cookies are nice also.

                    I'm on the 3rd Street side of the Grove, so it's more convenient for me to walk to Crescent Heights. On weekends where I'm feeling like a stroll, I'll even meander as far away as Breadbar, Barefoot and 3rd Stop.

                    Perhaps we should organize an area get-together, at least as an excuse to sip wine and nosh.

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                      I'm on the other side of the Grove, down the street from BLD/Hatfield's, so if I were ever to indulge in such naughty treats as grilled cheese, cream soup, and cake at Doughboys, I'd HAVE to walk to justify the caloric overload.

                2. You didn't mention a price range, so I'll pony up Thai Patio at Third/Fairfax in the Kmart/Whole Foods mall. Very good Thai and fast friendly delivery. They do have very inexpensive lunch specials as well.

                  1. Chao Krung on Fairfax south of Beverly has decent (but not thrilling) Thai, and for this expat New Yorker, Albano's Brooklyn Pizzeria on Melrose delivers pretty good pizza.

                      1. Best Indian food - and delivery in that area when I lived there...
                        East India Grill on La Brea and Beverly