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Restaurants that deliver near Beverly & Fairfax/LaBrea

Any good suggestions?

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  1. I live very close to that area and asked a similar question not too long ago: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/351818

      1. I kind of doubt that Grace delivers.
        In addition to India's Grill which I mentioned on the old thread, Holy Cow recently opened on Third at La Cienega offering Indian delivery.

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          oh... sorry. i didn't realize you meant "deliver" as in home delivery... and no, grace definitely will not do that.

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            Whycookla.com will deliver food from Grace.

          2. We moved to that area a week ago, and have been ordering in since we're still unpacking the kitchen. Buddha's Belly, Chulada Grill, Bossa Nova and Kung Pao Bistro have all been decent. I want to try Mao's Kitchen as well.

            1. Zen Grill, Surya, Electric Karma, Kung Pao Bistro, Wakano, Jeri's Deli.