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Feb 22, 2007 11:47 AM

best spider rolls (toronto)

Where are the best spider rolls in Toronto?

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  1. I've had great spider rolls at Sado Sushi on Eglinton just east of Allen Rd.

    1. I havent been for a while because I frequent Japango. But although the name sounds unappetizing, I Love Sushi on Queen West served up the best spider rolls, As well, an order of just the fried crab is great too!

      1. I love the spider rolls at Sinai Sushi -- lots of crab, fried to order.

        1. i don't know if they're the best but jun jun on college has great spider rolls

          1. Can you say Sushi Bong? Best spider roll for sure (they are on Yonge between Empress and Finch)

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              mmm.. i just had it for the first time three days ago!
              i got the dynamite roll and hard rock n roll.... but their spider roll was huge... lots of soft shell crab...yum.