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Feb 22, 2007 11:42 AM

The DIVE on Highland?

Anyone been yet? From what I understand, it's a new dark dive bar with a big menu done up by the folks who opened Hugo's. May check it out tonight. Apparently the bartender used to be at Hungry Cat as well. Sounds like a pretty good pedigree for a cheap joint. Any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. What makes you think it's a cheap joint? Anyplace that purposely calls itself the Dive, then hires the bartender from the Hungry Cat is mostly likely using the "Dive" name stylistically rather than realistically. Haven't checked it out though, are they open for lunch?

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      The Dive is great! It is a little on the pricey side, though. Same owner as Hugo's and the bartender is from the Hungry Cat. The bartender is a great mixologist. When you go in, try the cucumber drink. You have to drink it with a Boba straw and it feels like you are drinking a boozey salad. I love it when I can drink and feel "healthy" at the same time. Jukebox there is great. and the food is really good. I have had the chili, the boneless chicken wings, and a "pizza like" burger. All very good. I don't think it is open for lunch, but I find the best time to go in is at 6:00pm. After work drink, does not sound so bad.

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        How can they serve breakfast and not be open for lunch?

    2. The cucumber drink IS great (gin, lime juice and crushed cucumber). The Deep Purple - fresh blackberry lemonade with vodka and soda - is also good but a bit sweeter. The mixed drinks may seem a little steep for the style of the place at $7, but they're large and potent. I don't recommend the mojito - we ordered one, tasted it, and sent it right back.

      I thought the food was all okay - I think the menu (as well as the decor) has a lot of the original Highland Grounds. I had fried calamari app (greasy but with good sauce) and the black bean burger which came with avacado, roasted chilis, tomatos, lettuce, sunflower seeds, santa fe sauce, pesto and jack cheese - very overboard on the diffferent flavors and sauces in my opinion. I didn't enjoy the burger, so I passed it off to a friend who loved it. I did finish the side ceasar salad which tasted good but was soaked in dressing. I thought everything was over-seasoned - other friends had the fries, artichoke spinach dip (which tasted like salt), nachos, lasagna bowl... It was all a little much for me. But the atmosphere is laid back and it was a great place to meet after work and get a drink. I didn't find the food pricey at all - the menu and prices are here online at They are open for breakfast and lunch.... Our service at the bar was great - the bartender was very friendly. When more friends arrived we got a table and our food arrived very sporadically - single dishes out at a time, sometimes at great intervals, plus one item was forgotten. It wasn't very busy, but it was probably very close to when they opened... Overall, I agree with 'whatdiet' that it's good for a relaxed drink after work.

      1. the mister could say it better but "the dive" is a yet another lame overhaul of what was previously highland grounds. its a decent place but nothing amazing. they took some of our favorite things off the menu and added some weird things. all the potatoes for breakfast are stewed in some weird acidic tomato-y sauce. havent ever been there at night for drinks so i cant really say anything about that. also, im feeling doubtful that someone from the hungry cat would move to the dive.

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          A person from the Hungry Cat did move to the Dive, it's true.

          He's good at making drinks.

          1. I like it there and I want more people to go...So go!

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