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Cube on La Brea

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Any recs for panini at Cube?

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  1. Ha, you knew I'd weigh in on this. I always get the grilled chicken panini and they put enough chicken in it that it's tough for me to finish...and I'm 6ft and 200lbs...so I can put it away....a girlfriend of mine always gets the tomato mozzarella and raves about it. I have to admit, although I'm not a fresh mozzarella fan, it looks like they serve a HUGE amount....IMO.
    have fun.....and if you're really looking to clog your arteries...run across the street and go the Pig and get a pulled pork plate..........yum.

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      Peanut, in my opinion, sandwices are all about proportion. I can't imagine that a panini so filled with chicken would be any good....

    2. Hmmm, well perhaps I exaggerated a tad....:)

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        But you think the fowl is the way to go? Why, then?

      2. What else is on the sandwich besides chicken? This is a VERY important decision here.