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Feb 22, 2007 10:55 AM

Shops with great selection of Greek honeys?

I'll be visiting New York from Boston in a few weeks, and I'm hoping to find a Greek/middle eastern shop with a fabulous selection of Greek honeys. It's easy to find Attiki and Orino honeys here, but I'd like to try even more varieties. Any recs would be very helpful!

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  1. In Manhattan, not much in the way of a place like that - International Grocery probably has the single widest range, but at least a few are the generic sort you mention. Try the Outer Boroughs board, too - Astoria is your best bet, maybe something in Brooklyn. I happened on a fairly large Greek grocery store in Bay Ridge on 5th Ave in the high 70s, but I'd wait for a more specific rec before making that long subway trip.

    I've seen a couple at Whole Foods, but I imagine they carry the same stuff up there in Boston, too. There are a number of places that will have a couple or few, but unless there's a particular one you're looking for, that wouldn't really be worth the effort - lots Attiki around here too....

    1. Sorry, Int'l Grocery is on 9th Ave near the corner of 40th St.

      1. I believe I saw quite a selection of honeys the last time I was in Kalustyans. Their website seems to suggest that they have quite a selection. Give them a ring to see what they have.

        1. Try the Litkisakos markets on the Upper East Side - they have great Greek specialties.

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            Do you know if they also have Kadaif dough?

          2. Not sure, but the owners are Greek and if they don't carry it, should know where you can buy it.