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Feb 22, 2007 10:43 AM

Dishwasher drawers?

Hello all,
I am starting a kitchen remodel, and I'm trying to conceal the dishwaster under a wood panel to match the cabinets, and have been told that it is easiest to accomplish this by using dishwasher drawers.

Does anyone have any experience with dishwasher drawers (positive or negative)? I have heard that they can have leaking problems, but this may have been older models.

Also, I may only have room for one drawer. For a couple and a child (with probably a couple more children in the future), will one dishwasher drawer be enough?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Fisher Paykell is the mfg. of those drawers. In a household of only 2 people, but we do cook a lot and often entertain, i finmd myself wishing I had 2 fulll sized dishwashers.

    1. I have two kids and we entertain a fair bunch. I can't imagine only having one drawer. I do have a slide-in and I sometimes use the one drawer option.

      1. We have 2 full size dishwashers and no kids and I couldn't imagine life without both. Maybe 4 drawers are in the cards?

        1. When we remodeled last year we considered dishwasher drawers and eventually decided against them. I thought they looked pretty cool at the neighbors' house. But when I asked what other advantages they had, NO ONE I talked with could come up with any, save "you can do a smaller load." Well, like others who have responded, I don't want to do smaller loads. I want to do much bigger loads (even for our family of three).

          We looked into putting the cabinet panel on the dishwasher - which, incidentally I wish we had done - and many newer dishwashers have their buttons on the top of the door, so putting on a cabinet panel is no problem. I'm thinking of Bosch but others do too.

          Good luck with the remodel!

          1. I'm glad you asked this Q. I too am considering dishwasher drawers. There are now two manufacturers of these: Fisher & Paykel & KitchenAid. And so now you have a bit more of an option....

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              This gives you a potential for different suppliers and slight differences in appearance, but all the drawers are made by Fisher & Paykel, including the KitchenAid version.