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Need Breakfast/Brunch Place in Long Beach

I'm looking for a reasonably priced breakfast or brunch place for a group of girlfriends on a Sunday. We'll be heading to a day spa later in the afternoon so we don't want something terribly heavy. Any suggestions?

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  1. The only problem is, as is usual, is that good places tend to get packed on Sunday mornings.
    There's Egg Heaven which is more like a tiny diner but serves up some good food - packed.
    THe Bake n Broil which is also usually packed
    The last time I went to Lasher's for Sunday brunch, it wasn't too terribly crowded, but I dunno if that was a fluke.

    1. I'm not familiar with the area, so that's three options more than I had to begin with! Thank you.

      1. If you want to travel a bit south, there's a wonderful deli on Katella Ave. near Rossmoor. The Katella Deli has fantastic food but there may be a bit of a wait like in most good places on a Sunday.

        1. I like The Potholder on Broadway. There is also a huge brunch buffet at The Reef by the Queen Mary. And, for the Rossmoor crowd, I like The Gourmet Cafe on Katella for it's prices and pies.

          1. schooners or laters is where its at. longer wait on nice days though. chucks coffe on ocean is good, cash only. pot holder is top notch, and egg heaven is good -cash only.

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              I like Schooner or Later as well - and here's a tip: if you are willing to eat inside it's a shorter wait, and if you take the counter, No wait at all.

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                Schooner or Later is good if you want to wait a long time to eat outside for okay food. Also, the trucker hat hangover crowd is always in full effect, especially Sunday morning. I waited about 2 hours there one time thinking I could be at the Potholder right now. But the Portuguese chowder is really good.

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                  What's the ambiance like at Potholder?

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                    Very neighborhood dinerish with the trendy wacky t-shirt crowd. But the food is so very yummy. Great no frills stuff like french toast and turkey melts. Also bloody marys and mimosas. If you and your girls are just cool groovy normal people you will love this place. But I still think Le Creperie would be fun and a light meal. Plus you can walk off your brunch on 2nd street and browse the shops. Have fun!

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                      Just posted below that we ended up going to Blackboard Bistro in Seal Beach. The wait was almost 1.5 hours at La Creperie for the four of us... too much of a Sunday to waste. I'll have to go back for La Creperie. Thanks again for your help!

            2. The Coffee Cup and Egg Heaven are both on Fourth in Belmont Heights. Neighborhood places-- no atmosphere, just good breakfast.

              I love Lasher's weekend brunch. I'll get flak for this, but I also enjoy champagne brunch at Fish Tale on Bellflower.

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                coffee cup is great, and their wait is not nearly as long as Schooner or Later...but there is a wait.

              2. La Creparie on 2nd st in Belmont shore is great - omlettes and yummy crepes! Great place for a bunch of girls - nice atmposphere and a belmont shore is a nice place to walk around and do a little shopping afterwards as well.

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                  But it's small, crowded, and there's usually a line outta the place. Sit at a table and there's people hovering over you, waiting for you to finish or half on top of you, waiting in line.

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                    when was the last time you were there? it used to be small, but sicne they have re-opened in the new space there is plenty of room and no one hovering over your table??

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                      I agree. It's so much better now. I think Le Creperie would be a great place before a spa date, to get in the festive mood.

                      Have a Kir Royale for me!

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                        It has been quite awhile. The last time I was there, I didn't even finish because I was fed up with it all and never returned. If it's different, now, I'll hafta check it out.

                  2. These are all great. Sounds like Egg Heaven and Potholder are standbys but La Creperie may have better atmosphere. I will look into all three! Thank you so much..

                    1. As another alternative, I would suggest Claire’s at the Long Beach Art Museum. Terrific view of the ocean...


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                      1. My two favorite breakfast places in LB are 1) Bake and Broil on Atlantic in Bixby Knoll's area of LB.
                        2) Coffee Cup on 4th street between Redondo and Termino. both are great but casual.
                        For something nicer you may want to check with 555 on Linden ave in downtown LB or Christy's on Broadway and Termino for a more upscale wonderful lunch.

                        1. Another bruch option not far from LB is The Fish Company in Los Alamitos. Big place that you won't need reservations at and you will have a great lunch. I think the open at 11 or 11:30. They have great lunch and appetizers specials everyday. Very good service and you can get a nice glass of wine.

                          1. Buster's Beach House has a great view as well as some interesting breakfast choices. It's in the same area as Khoury's and Schooners

                            1. Has anyone heard of Blackboard Bistro in Seal Beach? A friend of mine just recommended that. Any thoughts?

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                                Haven't eaten there in about a year, but it wasn't bad. Not the greatest of locations. I'd go back and try it again.

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                                  We tried to go to La Creperie, but the wait was 1 hour, 20 min. for the four of us. Yikes! So we drove down PCH to Blackboard Bistro and had breakfast after a short 15 min. wait. I had the eggs benedict (the hollandaise sauce was great). They also let us sit and talk for almost 3 hours, which was fantastic!

                                  Thank you for all the suggestions! I think Long Beach will become a new breakfast/brunch destination for me after all the options they have.