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Feb 22, 2007 10:16 AM

Opinions on Cru and Ditka's

Hi to all. I've read some posts that mention Cru and few that mention Ditka's. As to the former, I haven't seen much except links to reviews, so any personal recs, anyone would like to share? And as for Da Coach's, how is it for a cocktail and/or lunch? Or brunch? We'll be staying up that way in awhile, unlike our usual River North or Loop excursions.

Thanks in advance

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  1. We had a fabulous lunch at Ditka's in November. The food was really good. We had a porkchop
    that had spaetzle and apples that was huge and just amazing. We also had a huge cheeseburger
    one of those onion ring towers, a shrimp cocktail and some great martini's. The "Bloody Mike"
    was a fun cocktail, (Absolut Peppar, special house mix, pickles, onions, shrimps, olives, peppers
    a cherry tomato and on the side a beer chaser) a great drink! This was $10.00. His wine list is
    very good also. Steaks were available as well. We had a friendly server and really enjoyed ourselves, I would definitely go back once I return to Chicago probably in May.

    1. i went to cru when it first reopened back in december, and i was pretty impressed. whip-smart service, comfortable atmosphere, tasty small plates (they do a great composed nicoise salad) and a buzzing crowd. i wouldn't necessarily recommend it for a full meal, but for an after-work nibble and a glass of wine, it's a great, centrally located spot.

      as for ditka's, i've always had good experiences there--and coach hangs out there a ton. go mid-week when their sinatra guy is singing and ask for a table in the upstairs cigar bar--that seems to be his favorite spot. it's pretty smoky, but you might just get seated next to ditka himself.

      1. I completely agree with fromagefan72 re: Cru. Very comfortable atmosphere and delicious appetizers and sandwiches (terrific beef tenderloin with blue cheese).

        1. Thanks to all for the info. Cru sounds just great, as we often just want to nibble with a few glasses a wine (what's a vacation for after all?). And I'm glad to hear that Dikta's is credible. I We'll be staying right there, and if the weather's bad, it's nice to know it won't be disappointing.

          Other comments still welcome.