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Feb 22, 2007 09:52 AM

Emporio Rulli wedding cake/dolci?

In looking through the wedding cake posts, don't see much buzz about Rulli. My dream would be to find a bakery that can do "double duty" at an italian-themed wedding reception...provide a scrumptious, beautiful cake and also mini desserts for a Venetian sweets table (cannolis, cookies, cheesecake bites, etc). Also considering Margaret's Bakery in Campbell. Although french, they could do an italian spin, but not sure about mini their desserts.

Has anyone ordered/eaten a Rulli wedding cake? How about mini desserts...cream puffs, eclairs, cannoncini or any of their special treats that they recently served for Carnevale...bomboloni, frittelle, cenci?

Will go to two different vendors if I must, but to deal with one, without compromising quality, would be a dream. Open to any suggestions that would serve northern Peninsula area. Reception is in Belmont.

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  1. Wow, have you talked to Edith Meyer yet? I had a dessert buffet where she did items from the Veneto - she said her husband had family there - and it was delicious. Little buranelli, cannoli and of course tiramisu that was superb. I know she also does elegant wedding cakes and her site is pretty impressive,

    1. Some of the cookies are amazing, but I wasn't impressed with the mini cream puffs, eclairs, cannoncin. Uh, I tried the bomboloni and frittelle. They were fine. What is spectacular is the zeppole that they do for St Joseph's day ... though Victoria Bakery does a better version.

      You might try La Biscoterria in Redwood City. They have outstanding mini biscotti and other interesting cookies and biscuits. They do cannoli, but I'm not sure if they make mini versions.