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Feb 22, 2007 09:35 AM

Taco Bell Chili Cheese Burrito-Gone Forever?

I live in SoCal and miss Chili Cheese Burritos (Chilito) so much.

I found a website ( that is campaigning to get it back.

Anyone used to love them as much as me?

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  1. I was wondering why they got rid of them but had them on the website as menu items. I was addicted to those.

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    1. re: carinole

      We get the Chili Cheese Burrittos here all the time!

    2. I loved them too. I'd eat half a dozen at lunch sometimes.

      I also like to open them up and stick my french fries inside them.

      As Tony would say, "They're great!!!"


      1. Great News!!! For fans of the Chili Cheese Burrito (Chilito) there is a way to make them! They have introduced the chili as a topping for nachos. I ordered a bean and cheese burrito but told them to hold the beans but add the chili instead.


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        1. re: SoPasFoodie

          I'd try this, except the mental capacity of some of the Taco Bell employees I've encountered is slightly below a bowl of soup. They have a hard enough time understanding a simple order, let along a complex procedure like substituting beans for chili.

          I do miss the Chilito though.

          1. re: SoPasFoodie

            Hah, I totally saw the commercial for this and wondered if the topping could be exploited to make chilitos!

            1. re: SoPasFoodie

              OMG I saw the commerical for the nachos this past weekend in Vegas. Stopping at TB in Barstow, I asked if it was the same stuff as in the... "chili cheese burritos?" the cashier replied, finishing my question. "Do you want a chili cheese burrito"? was her next question. Apparently people had been asking her all day.

              IT WAS SO FREAKING GOOD!

            2. Anyone remember 10 or more years ago when they offered the Chilito with Fritos? I miss that one a lot.

              1. LOL...forget the chilitos...BRING BACK THE BELLBEEFER!!! :-) That and the enchirito with green sauce are the only edible things TB make!

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                1. re: Torchman

                  The bellbeefer can still be found. It isn't on the menu, but certain ones still make it. You might ask the ones in your area.