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Feb 22, 2007 09:29 AM

Late Night In the LBC

Okay I know Shorehouse is the go-to 24 hour place in Long Beach.

Spires on Willow & Lakewood recently started closing at midnight.

Where else can I get the 2am grub? (besides Taco Bell)

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  1. Isn't Roscoe's open until like 1 or 2? Or are you asking about post last call establishments?

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    1. There are a few taco spots, brite spot and la revancha on anahiem. other than that, im at a loss. famima on clark/los coyotes is open till 12 for quick snacks.

      there isnt much for most last call other than del taco ect...

      im at a loss.

      1. Go to Harbor House in Sunset Beach, it's legendary and not far from you.

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        1. re: irishkevbo

          Harbor House and Shorehouse are owned by the same people. Yes it's yummy but a twenty five minute drive isn't what I'm looking for at 2am.

          1. re: Oh Robin

            I hear ya, Harbor House is much better though.