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Feb 22, 2007 09:27 AM

New Food on Broadway btwn 137 and 138

Tres Pasos Mexican Kitchen and Vinegar Hill Bread Market and Gourmet just opened this week on Broadway between 137/138. The food is amazing. You can get burritos, soft tacos and mexican beverages at Tres Pasos and prepared foods, baked goods and pizza at Vinegar Hill. Food was delicious

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  1. Great to hear that they opened -- been watching the progress and wondering how it would be. It's so...gentrified looking, but hopefully still serves the general nabe.

    Now I just want El Rey del Cubano to re-open on 138th street - that was a crazy good sandwich.

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      There's a deli counter in a place at the corner of 138 and B'way. They have a sign in the window that says El Rey del.....something. This a temporary location for these guys, or a different sandwich?

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        Crazy good sandwich? Try the Vietnamese sandwich shop near Mott Street, above Little Italy. The only thing crazy about El Rey was the smell....

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          1. Actually the big problem with Vinegar Hill may just be that they are employing locally and not training their staff correctly.

            I live down the block and was very happy to see Vinegar Hill open however the staff are really in need of some serious training.

            The other night when I went in the male employees were having a very loud and crude conversation that would have scared off anyone interested in a Veggie Grill specialty sandwich.

            Then I went home and ordered one of their Meatlovers brick oven pizzas only to have it delivered upside down, what a mess!!!

            Vinegar Hill has great eats but it just isn't going to work if you have the wrong technique or employees for that matter...

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              Right on!!! Why do I want to hear about the pizza guys problems, and the cashiers date last night? AND they have a tip jar!! Tips for doing their job? (See Steve Buscemi in "Reservior Dogs" for details...)

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