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Feb 22, 2007 09:27 AM

MSP- Hot Pot

Anyone do Hot Pot in the cities?

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  1. 'pends on what you mean by "hot pot".

    If you mean they set a saucy stir-fry-type dish atop a little burner to keep it warm, many Chinese places do this. Hong Kong Noodles is the first place that comes to mind, but I know I've seen other places that do it too.

    If you mean a pot of boiling broth/stock in which you cook your raw ingredients, I am not aware of any place in MSP where you can do that. I hope someone knows of one though!

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    1. re: diesel

      I meant fondue style. Cook your own.

    2. I know some of the Japanese restaurants have the Japanese version of it, Shabu Shabu. Kikugawa is one of them.

      I believe Seafood Palace used to have a seafood and vegetarian one, but i think you had to call ahead for it.

      Let me see if I can think of any others. I normally just do a hot pot at home. It's easy enough if you use a electric skillet, fondue pot, and get all the yummy ingredients at United Noodles (they have the thinly sliced pork, or beef all ready to go!)

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      1. re: starburst

        Mai Village has a few dishes like that. The Times has a lot of Fondue options.

      2. Azia has a hot pot, but it is not that good, as does Nami (Shabu Shabu style).

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            I'm thinking of the fall and cooler weather and Hot Pots. I should have been more specific with my original inquiry. I'm really looking for Sichuan style hot pot. Basically a broth of Chili oils and peppercorns (very spicy) where you add meat and vegetables to cook like fondue. I heard that the Teahouse in Minnetonka used to do it but no longer? Does anyone know of a spot that does Sichuan Hot pot? Or maybe a link on how to do it at home? Thanks.

          2. Yep - Seafoodd Palace does do this (you can choose a spicy or not spicy broth) and they have a bar set up where you can go and pick what veggies and meats you want to cook in the pot. It is a lot of fun and super yummy. They only do it from October to April I believe and only during the week. It is on their website and they call it a winter fondue special but it sounds like what you are describing!