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Feb 22, 2007 09:07 AM

Ideas for visiting mom-friendly "girls night out"

Any suggestions for a mom-friendly "girls night out"? Somewhere where we can have dinner & drinks (maybe sharing foods - lots of little plates) with good music and fun environment. Not super expensive?

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  1. Check out Caren's Wine & Cheese Bar in Yorkville:

    or JK Wine Bar

    1. Did you have a particular part of the city in mind? Some suggestions for small plate, loungey places: Kultura if you're downtown, MoDo if you're in Yorkville, Coca on Queen West.

      1. I had a great "Mom's night out" at Barrio on Queen near Logan. Lots of little plates for sharing, great food and nice atmosphere.

        1. OK, what night of the week? Some places are much, much different on a Fri, Sat night compared to all other nights. Devil's Martini would be an example of that...... snicker

          And what hour of the night ?

          If you go to the Red Tomato on King St. W. they have some good deals on appetizers during Happy Hour where you can sample many different dishes at a reasonable price.

          1. Thanks all! Ended up at Barrio (which is in my hood but had never been). It was a great night.