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Feb 22, 2007 09:04 AM

1-day Cooking Classes in Rome

I'm planning to go to Rome to visit a few friends and can't seem to find a good one-day cooking class at a culinary school.

What have you heard about Faith Willinger's classes in Florence? I don't know if I can make it to Florence for the 9:30am start of the class.


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  1. Faith is one of the best in Italy. Florence is a short train ride from Rome and you should have no trouble getting there. I suggest going to Faith's site and contacting her directly as she does not have classes every week and you should check in with her. Then you can check the times of the trains either on line or through your friends. It is definitely worth the trip.
    Catherine Billups

    1. that train trip will set you back about $100 or so - and it's 1 1/2 hr each way. and if you haven't already spent tons of time in florence, I can't see why you'd spend it inside cooking instead of exploring! :) Maureen B Fant lives in Rome and she sometimes does cooking class type things. I would inquire at - they schedule things with her sometimes. Are there really no hits on this on google? maybe slowfood or slow travel has some recommendations, too.

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        I second the recommendation of Maureen. I took a class from her last summer and enjoyed it very much. We went to the Testaccio market and the nearby Volpetti food shop, with a bit of history and walking tour, and then back to her flat near the Colosseum, where we cooked and then ate. She was great company and I learned a lot--I'm still making frittatas the way she showed me.

        I booked it through, along with some other walking tours. They varied in quality but all were interesting, especially the excursion to Pompeii.

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          Thank you -- that's very gratifying, especially about the frittata ;-).


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            You're welcome! I look forward to doing it again some time! (I didn't realize you were on Chowhound!)

      2. Dar,

        When are you headed to Rome? I was also looking for suggestions and so far the best thing going seems to be ContextRome (and the best deal for 5 hrs of cooking and exploring the markets). Unfortunately, I will be travelling alone and am trying to find at least 2 other people that would be interested in signing up for this and doing a 'private tour' for approx 150 euro sometime between Wed Aug 15 and Fri Aug 17.

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          I haven't said anything till now in this thread because I haven't wanted to appear to be soliciting business, but I hope I may clear up a wrong impression.

          Don't worry about whether you're doing a private or a "small group" -- the groups are often not full and only have max 4 people anyway. The real problem is August. The 15th is a major holiday and the likelihood I'll be in Rome on Friday the 17th is very slim, though worth a try much closer to the time.


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            Thanks for the heads up Maureen. For me, the real issue is that my flight arrives Tuesday afternoon, so I cannot make the normally scheduled tour. For the private tours, I cannot afford paying the group price for just one of me, so I am sort of stuck. I didn't realize that the 15th was a holiday, so thanks for the tip! If you have any thoughts on any other options I might have, I welcome them.

            1. re: kasiav

              There is no regularly scheduled tour. They just put Tuesday on the board for some kind of convenience. If somebody writes and says they want to do it on a Friday, and nobody has signed up yet for Tuesday that week, they'll just run it on Friday. If somebody has signed up for Tuesday, they'll ask me if I can do two. There is no minimum number of signups to run the tour. Nobody should be inhibited by what appears to be a fixed schedule. Send them an e-mail and state your desires. They are very nice and will try to help. The real problem is August. That is the deadest week of the year.


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                Thanks so much Maureen, you've been a huge help. It's a bummer that my timing is off, but I'll give it a shot. Thanks again!

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                  Four years ago, I was in Rome for the Ferragusto holiday and three days thereafter. For people looking for an authentic trattoria, Rome became a culinary desert. The non-touristy places favored by Chowhounds tended to shut down, leaving few restaurant options except places in the busiest tourist zones. Not exactly a situation for great dining.

                  If you're going to be in Rome in mid- through late-August, you might want to post a question about restaurants that will be open through this period.

                  (Incidentally, this shut-down extends to all sorts of services. I had no control over my travel times on that trip, but I'd ran into enough closures that I will never voluntarily schedule a trip to Italy during August again.)

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              I will be in Rome in June. What did you find at the ContextRome?

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