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Feb 22, 2007 08:55 AM

First Date Around West 4th Street Subway Station

Looking for a quiet place to go for light dinner and drinks around the W4th Street Subway Station. Not over the top expensive. The most important thing is to not be on top of other tables, no loud music, comfy chairs, etc. I was thinking along the lines of Jane, Prem On Thai, Crispo, etc. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. Would Le Gigot be too romantic for a first date?

      1. I agree that Bellavitae is the best choice, perfect first date spot with lovely wines and small plates. I'd also add Snack Taverna, 'ino and the new Blue Ribbon bar (which would probably be mobbed, actually). For something more casual, the Belgian bar Vol de Nuit, right on W. 4th, serves good mussels & fries and interesting beers.

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          I definitely second Bellavitae. Terrific food, wines, and service. And also a second to The Dove below. It can get noisy on weekends, but usually has tasty cocktails and great music and atmosphere.

        2. Bar Pitti has good Italian food and it's laid back. If you find that the date is going well and need an after-dinner drinks place, I really like The Dove on Thompson and Bleecker. Great cocktails and terrific atmosphere.

          1. Went to Prem On Thai for first date recently and enjoyed it -- got there in time for a pre-dinner drink at the bar and wine was very affordable. Good luck and have fun!