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First Date Around West 4th Street Subway Station

Looking for a quiet place to go for light dinner and drinks around the W4th Street Subway Station. Not over the top expensive. The most important thing is to not be on top of other tables, no loud music, comfy chairs, etc. I was thinking along the lines of Jane, Prem On Thai, Crispo, etc. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. Would Le Gigot be too romantic for a first date?

      1. I agree that Bellavitae is the best choice, perfect first date spot with lovely wines and small plates. I'd also add Snack Taverna, 'ino and the new Blue Ribbon bar (which would probably be mobbed, actually). For something more casual, the Belgian bar Vol de Nuit, right on W. 4th, serves good mussels & fries and interesting beers.

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          I definitely second Bellavitae. Terrific food, wines, and service. And also a second to The Dove below. It can get noisy on weekends, but usually has tasty cocktails and great music and atmosphere.

        2. Bar Pitti has good Italian food and it's laid back. If you find that the date is going well and need an after-dinner drinks place, I really like The Dove on Thompson and Bleecker. Great cocktails and terrific atmosphere.

          1. Went to Prem On Thai for first date recently and enjoyed it -- got there in time for a pre-dinner drink at the bar and wine was very affordable. Good luck and have fun!

            1. El Charro Espagnol, 4 Charles Street. Great food, reasonable prices, fabulous margaritas, some of the best waiters in New York.... great for a first date....

              1. I dig Alta - its got a nice wine list and the food is excellent. You can eat as much or little as you want since it's small plates. The upstairs is all 2-tops and amply spaced so you've got plenty of privacy and a nice view of the downstairs dining area.

                64 W. 10th St.
                Btwn 6th and 5th Aves - closer to 6th.

                One of my favorites, Pearl Oyster Bar, is very close but might be a bit frenetic for a 1st date.

                18 Cornelia St., New York, NY 10014
                between Bleecker and 4th Sts.

                  1. i'd say for great food and a first date nearby LAS RAMBLAS is a good way to go. get a few tapas and some wine, no big commitment. otoh you can just keep ordering tapas if yous two click!

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                      I was going to jump in with a suggestion for Las Ramblas as well, but it's very tiny and depending on the night INCREDIBLY crowded. It's a great spot with wonderful food, but if the OP is looking for quiet, this might not be the best bet.

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                        it gets crowded quick for sure, but we dont find it to be too loud. crowdy is an issue tho definately, they would have to time it right and go early.

                        i hope the op reports back!

                    2. Cornelia Street Cafe. The back room with the fireplace. It's not new or trendy, but nice.

                      1. I like Annisa. I don't know if it's out of budget for you, but the 5 course menu there for $68 is a great choice. The room is quiet and serene, quite romantic.

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                          No way - way too expensive and fancy for a first date. Would reek of desperation.

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                            Ah I missed the "first" part. Otherwise I still stand by Annisa.

                            Let's hope he's not desperate then!

                        2. It can be loud and sometimes a little cramped, but I've had multiple successful first dates at Chow Bar. Decent food, and you can start with a drink next door at Absolutely Fourth. A successful package for me.

                          Might not be a favorite for others on the board, but it's been a good recipe for me.

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                            i'm not sure if multiple first dates makes those a selling point - lol!

                            but i do agree with you. both chow and abs 4th are a good tandem -- the food is fine and certainly they are the easiest and most fun choices listed on this thread so far for a first date.

                          2. jean claude, small dark inexpensive romantic french on sullivan st (prince/houston). Great great food, but they only take cash

                            1. Mercadito (the west village one) is right there as well....have some taco's and the their margarita's are very good/ creative/ strong (to help ease the first date jitters)

                              1. Piadina, and I love Bellevitae as well.

                                1. Some of these sound hectic and distracting for a first date. You might consider Les Deux Gamins, which is a place you can sit quietly, have dinner and not deal with tapas or neighbors. I also like Agave, where you could ask for a quiet table in the rear - good southwestern food and nice drinks, all reasonably priced.

                                  1. Piadina is a great first date spot, although I am biased as thats where I went on my first date with my wife.

                                    Sevilla is a great Spanish restaurant, not tapas, on W4th and Charles St. Been going there my entire life and love it just as much now as a kid. Its not a kids place my parents just took us to restuarants and we ate the mariscada or the veal with almond sauce. Be warned it is garlicy.

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                                      Yes to Sevilla - can get crowded, but has paella that most closely resembles real Spanish paella (not the same, but really impressive). The sangria is decent as well. Not as much ambience as some of the other spots rec'ed here though, so it depends on what you're up for; it's more informal and less dark/candles/romantic...my vote goes to Bellevitae otherwise. Enjoy!

                                    2. i vote bellavitae and annisa!

                                      1. i second (or third) bar pitti and definitely alta .

                                        1. You have to go to Cafe Condesa on w10th between w4th and 7th Ave. Its also right next to jazz club Smalls for the perfect date. Cafe Condesa has incredible food cooked with lots of love. Very reasonable prices and never much of a wait. The place is intimate, boho chic, with a touch of meditarrean/latin. I live in the neighborhood and its one of our absolute favorites. The service is really friendly too. Then head over to Smalls - where the real jazz hounds go to listen to music. Its $20/cover but that includes one free drink. You can then stay thru the night, and they usually have at least three or four sets until 1-2am.