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Craving: Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

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Anyone know where (pref. in Brooklyn) I can find a nice, thick, juicy, fried chicken cutlet sandwich, preferably on a simple deli roll? I know any corner deli has them, but I'd prefer that the cutlet hasn't been sitting around for, say, over two days.

This is another of those Long Island regional cuisine things that get harder to find after you cross over into Queens.

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  1. If you're willing to go into Manhattan, Lenny's deli has one of the all-time great chicken cutlet sandwiches -- the Chicken Cheddar. Chicket Cutlet, Bacon, Cheddar, Tomato -- so good. And so juicy it doesn't need any sauce.

    Man, I sure wish there were a Lenny's near me.

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    1. re: elecsheep9

      Is this the Lenny's you're referring to?


      1024 2nd Ave at 54th St?

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        There are a few of them in the city. I used to work on 50th and 3rd adn would go to the one on 2nd and 54th for lunch sometimes.

    2. Thanks--I checked out their menu online...looks like a winner.

      I just remembered that when I worked in Midtown I would get delicious chicken cutlet sandwiches at Hello Deli (touristy, I know). I think the Paul Shaffer (a "hero" of mine, really) was chicken cutlet on a roll with roasted pepper, mayo, lettuce (finely shredded, of course) and thinly slice tomato.

      City Sub on Bergen used to have a similar sandwich, I don't know if they still do the chicken cutlet thing...but unfortunately it was microwaved into a soggy, rubbery state.

      1. They line up in Whitesone @ Cherry Valley Deli.
        Try the "Beast"; Chicken Cutlet, bacon, mozzarella and onion rings on a garlic hero.
        Gravy optional!!

        1. Holy God!! Where is Cherry Valley Deli??

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            Diagonally across the street from Stork's Bakery.
            I think it's 150th street.

          2. john's deli on stillwell and 86th makes the best chicken parm sandwich in the world. they have amazing chicken cutlet sandwiches.

            1. Sal's Pizza on Lorimer Street one block south of Metropolitan Ave makes an EXCELLENT chicken cutlet sandwich. Hero bread though, no round roll. They also make a killer Potato and Egg hero. I used to order the P&E with onions and cheese, #1 cure for a hangover.

              Ahh, the good old days in Williamsburg before the Hipster/Yuppies wrecked that neighborhood.

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                Sal's chk cutlet still good. Had one day before yesterday w/ L, T, O, mayo and dressing on a toasted hero roll. Took awhile, as the fresh fry it, but worth the wait.

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                  Last week had a v. good chk cutlet sandwich at Driggs Pizzeria (Driggs / N7 in Wmsburg). It was lunchtime so I can't vouch for freshness off-hours -- but it was pretty perfect.

                  1. re: Jack Barber

                    Wmsburg "chk cutlet" update:

                    -- Just had a fantastic torta milanesa de pollo from the Mexican bakery at corner of Union and Grand. (New name I don't remember. Used to be called La Bonita.) I get them with some frequency, and they're usually fine to good. (Only deficiency being that sometimes you get a membrane of chk breaded and fried -- no meat but still tasty w/ toppings etc.) Today however they gave me a full-on cutlet, and it was tremendo. They even have a website -- http://labonitabakery.com/ -- but you have to ignore the gratuitous bashing of the Chinese joint acrss the st.

                    -- The chk cutlet sandwich at Egg in Wmsburg (lunch menu) is also great. http://www.pigandegg.com/

                    1. re: Jack Barber

                      Lenny's Update:

                      This is one of the first suggestions in the thread, and the sandwich was HORRIBLE. Just dreadful--soggy, seemingly overcooked microwaved chicken in a corporate, sterile environment. No love went into this sandwich.

                      The one I had a few years back at Catene in Park Slope/Gowanus was amazing, best I've ever had for sure. I'll need to try Sal's now that I live in North Brooklyn.

              2. This one is easy. Please go immediately to one of my favorite spots in the whole world, the Catene Deli on 9th st. at 4th Avenue in park slope. family run for a long long time, they have the definitive chicken cutlet on a roll- parmiggiano, or better yet, lettuce, fresh mozz, mayo, pickles, on a perfectly fresh hero or roll- you can't beat it. so clean and fresh tasting. they make the chicken cutlet fresh for each sammich and it is never old, always so fresh and delicious. they make amazing parm sammiches too (calamari, shrimp, mild med spicy), but the chicken is perfect. simply perfect. i eat one for lunch every other day. can't recommend the catene deli enough. and the guys who run the place are super cool, and they are always playing great rock and blues music in there (no light fm, real music, hendrix, blues, etc.). great great great is the Catene Deli...

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                1. re: frankbooth

                  I totally agree re Catene. I am also partial to their spicy calamari sub.

                2. Well if you head up into Queens, Gino's pizzeria(by Queens College) has an amazing chicken cutlet sandwich.


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                    I never would've guessed this. I once had to pick up a friend at Queens College and ran into Gino's (on Kissena Blvd, right across from the front gate of the campus) for a quick slice. It was pretty bad and greasy. It had been sitting around for a while, but even so I don't think it would've tasted good if fresh. But maybe their sandwiches are where it's at. Thanks for the tip.

                  2. In carroll gardens, try brooklyn bread on court street around 2nd place. their chicken cutlet sandwiches are good and i believe you can get roll or hero--nice bread, too!

                    1. Here's a different take on the chicken cutlet subject: I've been really into The Schnitzel King of Brooklyn lately (Coney Island Ave between M/N, I think). Nice fresh cutlet, good roll and topped with all sorts of great things like hummus, grilled onion, cole slaw, pickles, eggplant, raw onion, tahini, hot sauce, lettuce etc. Schnitzels come flavored (I think they just squirt sauce on em), but always wary of false flavor, I opt for the Jerusalem style, which is just breaded with spices and herbs. It's kosher, so don't go for Saturday lunch or anything.

                      BTW, I'm delighted to hear about Catene. I always wondered about that place and can't wait to try it. Thanks!

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                      1. re: HankyT

                        Almost a year later I have to report that I've made my way to Catene Deli in the intervening twelvemonth and found it to be everything Frank Booth said it was and more. I must return to sample other things there. They advertise a fried calamari hero which sounds interesting...

                        1. re: HankyT

                          I'll vouch for Catene as well. Had it this summer and was delish!

                      2. Lioni Latticini, 7803 15th Ave at 78th St, Bensonhurst
                        They freshly prepare all of their 100+ different kinds of heros. Never had their Chicken Parm, but I'm sure that it would be freshly made. Their signature mozzarella is great too.

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                        1. re: bobjbkln

                          Lioni's chicken parm hero is the best I have ever had, hands down. i will travel very far to get this hero. Their meatball is great too. You have to wait a while while they make your hero fresh. it is very much worth the wait. I have yet to find a hero that compares. So far Sorisso's in Astoria is the closest that I have found.

                          1. re: Yaxpac

                            Must admit, i had a dreadful chicken parm from Lioni- the chicken was not fresh and difficult to chew, fell apart in the hero roll, sauce was decent enough and yes the fresh mozz was excellent, but truly, IMHO, Catene deli rages in this dept.

                        2. Cafe Steinhoff's got a decent one, I think. And a nice non-deli atmosphere. Not that i don't love a good deli -- I also add my vote for Catene.

                          1. Is Lassen & Hennig still open on Montague Street? I haven't been there in years, but they had the best chicken cutlet sandwich I've ever eaten.

                            1. Wow, all these choices...thanks, intrepid hounds. I just have to clarify, though, that a chicken cutlet sandwich on a roll is a very different beast than a chicken parm hero; and places that do one very well may not succeed at the other. The marinara sauce and melted cheese can cover up for a soggy chicken cutlet. Without any adornment other than mayo and lettuce, the cutlet itself needs to shine.

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                                Kind of surprised that no one's mentioned this twist yet, but I'm a big fan of the torta (Mexican sandwich) de pollo at my neighborhood deli. (Which is technically in Manhattan, but 181st street is practically in the Outer Boroughs.) Fried cutlet on a deli roll, queso blanco (sometimes I ask them to sub provolone cause it melts better), avocado, jalapenos, bean spread, lettuce, tomato, red onion. Delicious. Not sure where in Bklyn makes them, but I bet you could find them in South Slope.

                                1. re: sabroso

                                  In a similar vein, I've been meaning to nominate the Milanesa de pollo (as opposed to de res, an entirely different animal!) is nothing more than a breaded cutlet on a crusty roll, w/ mayo, lettuce, maybe sliced tomato. I get them at La Nueva Bakery in JH.

                                  1. re: Helen F

                                    The La Nueva chicken sandwich is cartoon-sized and so delicious, as simple as it may be. Love it.

                                    1. re: orzabelle

                                      Although I don't especially like Peppino's in JH's pizza, I do like the plain breaded chicken cutlets with lettuce & tomato. These cutlets are made fresh every day served on a very good hero Italian bread. A super large Hero sandwich is just $6.25. I've had the chicken sandwich at La Nueva and strongly prefer Peppino's. You can also order a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce & tomato on a hero for $7. I would never purchase a sandwich that's ready made sitting on a counter especially with mayo.

                                    2. re: Helen F

                                      I had a tasty Milanesa with guac and jalapenos on a roll at Elora's on PPW in Windsor Terrace. Very nice.

                                2. J & V Pizza 18th ave and 65. Difara does a pretty good chicken parmasian.

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                                    J&V does a great job that's for sure. It's pretty near impossible to get Dom at DiFara's to cook anything anymore. I live in the neighborhood and like the chicken parms but can't get them anymore..they are too busy.

                                  2. Rosa's pizzaria on 69th st maspeth chicken cutlet panni on home made garlic bread MMM

                                    1. not quite a cutlet, but I just had a great fried chicken sandwich at Lil Pig Market in Fort Greene. a well seasoned and fried boneless chicken thigh, rocket, tomato, mayo/aoili on a soft bulkie roll for $6. I could have eaten two!

                                      1. Sage American Kitchen in LIC. Ask them to press it!

                                        1. I second Cherry Valley. I favor their "Corona".

                                          Check out their menu online http://www.cherryvalleydeli.net/Menu....

                                            1. re: StheJ

                                              Defonte's is strong?

                                              How to order?

                                              1. re: Jack Barber

                                                I've only had the chicken cutlet parmigiana, but I think they'll do whatever you want. Also, I suggest the hero v. the roll as the bread is better.

                                            2. Caputo's on Court st. Love the fried eggplant too.

                                              1. TERESA'S has a great Chicken Cutlet Sandwich. Served with a side Salad, it is delicious. Ask for it on a toasted roll, it's even better.