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Feb 22, 2007 08:28 AM

Monteleone's/Cammareri Brothers

Finally went to see if they were as good as they used to be. Got one chocolate dipped, one plain cannoli and two mini chocolate chip cannoli cream tarts. It is still as good. They now have bread, and the interior is nice but....


We get it. You are the one from Moonstruck. You have joined forces with Monteleone's.

Do you need to have the music piped outside, so you can even hear "That's Amore" as you walk in and leave.

It's like the "It's A Small World After All" ride at Disney, except in Brooklyn.

Anyway, I will go back for the treats. It's just a bit ridiculous.

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  1. That is sort of horrifying. Bad enough for the customers, but can you imagine what it would be like if you worked there?

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    1. re: bklynite

      > can you imagine what it would be like if you worked there?

      I once asked an employee at FAO Schwarz how she could stand the incessant music blasted out every few minutes on the sales floor ("Welcome to our world, welcome to our world, welcome to our world of toys...").

      Her reply: "What music?"

    2. There is actually an earlier thread about this - they dont just pump out the music they play the movie on a loop on the weekends.

      1. Folks, its a cultural thing is all I can say. The few times I've been in the "locals" ( Italian Carroll Gardens folks ) have commented on how great the HUGE TV is and how it classes the placeup.

        The other day I was in and they were playing " Grease" to the delight of more "locals".

        Remember, they find offense in the Smith St newly gentrified restaurants, bars and lounges with their sensibilities.

        Taste is relative.

        Youre probably offended at SUVs, fur coats and Mediterranean villa style architecture in the suburbs.

        1. BUT HOW IS THE BREAD? Is this the same fantastic semolina sesame bread that the old Cammerari offered on Henry, or is it different?

          1. Seemed the same to me, no diff.

            Thanks to that I can deal with a big screen TV.

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            1. re: Larry Brooks

              It's funny. I've never missed the bread from Cammerari's, as I like Caputo and Mazzola better. But I've missed Monteleone's pastries... are they back?

                1. re: Larry Brooks

                  We had a cheesecake last weekend and it was just as great as it ever was. $10 for a plain cheesecake (with a dash of powdered sugar of course). Really quite a bargain for the quality.