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Emeril's Nola?

I am going to be in town next week and a group of us is supposed to have dinner at Nola. I am reading some old posts on here and seeing bad things? Should we avoid it? We will be near the convention center so we are tourists, yes, but we are also real foodies. Is there somewhere we should go instead? Thanks!

Other dinners planned are Rio Mar (went 4 years ago and loved the ceviche, is it still good?) and Brennan's (one of the group has a thing for bananas foster).

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  1. We went to two of his restaurants, Emeril's (his first) and Nola. Loved loved loved his first, Emeril's on Tchopoutooulis St. (sp?). Nola's is a bit loud and crazy prob. because of the location.

    Another great place that won't ever let you down is Bon Ton's and if your friend loves bananas foster, they'll fall in love with this place's bread pudding with brandy sauce - leave room!!! The locals go here for dinner, but tourists have found out about it too.

    Live down there for 7 years, been going back every year for a week - JUST TO EAT!!!! :-)

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      never lived there -- go for a week every year just to eat . . .

    2. I felt NOLA was better than Emeril's, but I know many would disagree...but as a general statement I would stay away from his restaurants all together, but I understand tourist gravitate there.

      I would replace it with Restaurant August or Galatoire's.

      I would also avoid Brennan's as well...the better presentation and substance for bananas foster is Arnaud's (the food is better than Brennan's too).
      Since you are stayting in the Warehouse District, other restaurants that you may want to check out are: Cochon, Tommy's Cuisine, and Herbsaint.

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        When my pops was visiting a couple of years ago, he ate by himself at Emeril's and had a meal where the pretention was so thick that he couldn't enjoy the food; there's just too much attitude.

        Go with August. I still have foie gras dreams from four months ago. If you go to Galatoire's, you should request Robert as your waiter (everyone has a favorite; he's mine).

      2. Skip Nola's - it was horrible when we went for my birthday. We canceled the entrees after having a couple of appetizers that were sent back. They totally ruined by birthday dinner.

        1. We just got back from New Orleans and a wonderful meal at NOLA's. We were seated on the second floor and had attentive service. I would not recommend Riche at Harrah's.

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            I had a great experience at NOLA's. I sat upstairs and the service was wonderful (best I've ever had) - it was pre-K though so I dont know if its changed, but I'm a big fan of the place.

          2. I dined at Emeril's post-Katrina, this past summer. The food was great, much better than I remembered from earlier trips. The service was awesome. No attitude. In fact, there seemed to be a lot of "gratitude" that people were spending money there. I very much enjoyed myself. I've raved about it ever since. Haven't been to Nola's post-K, but pre-K, it was crowded, crazy and fun.

            1. I ate at NOLA last May, during NOWFE, and there was nothing wrong with the food although nothing particularly revelatory either. I ordered a sazerac and before I got halfway through the appetizer arrived followed in short order by the entree. Service was a little off. But, I askedif they had a cheese plate that I might have. The server said that there was nothing on the menu but he'd be happy to ask the Chef, and one was presented. The cheese was even the correct temperature! I agree with an earlier post that it can be very touristy...table turnover is important to them. Why not a leisurely dinner at Brigsten's? (It is a $14. cab ride each way from the Quarter to Riverbend but worth it , IMO). There is also K Paul's; fine food but similarly rushed.

              1. Last two times I was at NOLA were a total let down (November '06 being the last time.) The food and service were sub par. This may have had something to do with getting back into business post Katrina, but it was definitely not worth it. Also just way too loud and rowdy for what they're trying to do. I would go to GW Fins instead. Hey, if it's good enough for John Goodman (the man can eat) it's good enough for me (we saw him there last time we were there celebrating with this family.)
                Link: www.gwfins.com

                1. I've been to NOLA twice and neither time was I impressed at all. The service was rushed and indifferent, and the food was just okay. If you must do an Emeril, just go to Emeril's. However, Rio Mar is awesome, the ceviche is the same as is used to be. Check out La Boca, a sister establishment focusing on meat rather than seafood.

                  1. how about TEE EVA'S :-) you can get your food to-go and dessert along with it!