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Feb 22, 2007 08:03 AM

Chicago Cutlery Knives

I was given a set of Chicago Cutlery knives several years ago. I love them, especially the steak knives that were included. However, none of the knives seem to hold an edge for very long. Perhaps it's time to take them to someone for sharpening but I'm not sure this is the solution. I just find I have to sharpen them much more often than other knives I've had.

Anyone else have this issue? Maybe it's time to just go out and buy a couple of really superior knives (and keep the Chicago steak knives!).

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  1. I have a few old Chicago Cutlery knifes and the blades are carbon steel. Very soft material and very easy to put an edge on. The downside is the need for more frequent sharpening.

    They will hold an edge if you are properly steeling them each and every time you use them.