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How to fight the night binge impulse?

I'm a firm believer in discipline in service to desire - disciplined eating so that I can satisfy my desires on the special treats without meeting or surpassing my college dimensions.
I find that I'm good until about 9 or 10, and then all bets are off.
Anyone else with the same night binge impulse and tips on how to avoid it?

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  1. cup of tea. If it's sweetness you're craving, then there are tonnes of herbal flavours. (personally, I have decaf orange pekoe, but my SO loves the flavours - I call it hot juice...)

    1. Go to bed. Works for me every time.

      1. Hi Agrayf, could it be that your are disciplining yourself a little TOO much during the day? I have found that when I eat too little or deny myself too much during the day, I have a lot less self control at night.

        1. Floss and brush your teeth and rinse with a pretty strong mouthwash. Always kills any desire to eat anything for me.

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            Sometimes, if I had a light supper, I will have a banana or a clementine, or a glass of skim milk.

            If I believe I have consumed enough calories for the day, I go with a cup of some Celestial Seasonings tea. If I don't want to have to get up at 3 a.m., then I just floss and brush. I am way too lazy to brush twice a night.

            I try to stay as far away from the kitchen as possible. Going to bed also works.

          2. I agree with the post about brushing your teeth. In a similar vein, I find it helpful to spray some sort of room fragrance spray - the scent of something floral or woodsy usually kills my desire to eat an entire pint of ice cream. Usually!

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                This is what I do. If you absolutely HAVE to eat something, celery is a great option. Not only does it naturally floss your teeth, but the amount of calories is burned by chewing! But I doubt your late night binges are because of celery cravings.

                Water, and as someone else mentioned, gum help me. Have a big glass (more than you feel like drinking) and chew some trident or something with a not too sugary taste. Works for me.

              2. I cannot keep snacks in the house. Nothing. It is pretty pathetic, but it is the only thing that works.

                1. I only listen to music, no tv in the evening...too many food commercials

                  1. Lots of good suggestions so far. I tend to start with one of the following(already mentioned): cup of tea (as someone above noted, having a few types of tea on hand can help), ice water, brushing teeth. Then I wait. If I'm still hungry, I try a banana or a class of skim milk, sometimes a combination of both.
                    Also, a walk around the block--if you have dog he or she will be quite appreciative--sometimes helps.

                    1. since i am late to bed most nights, i find myself in the same predicament almost always.

                      i always try some fruit, maybe a small bowl of ceral w skim.

                      a cocktail works as well..or two. (sambuca is very night-time worthy) almost always have a bottle in the house

                      1. i ususally go for a pastor burrito with extra hot sauce. it kills the urges.

                        1. These are all great suggestions - maybe a combination of all of the above would work?
                          I'm just curious why bananas seem to be to go-to fruit (I grew up in an apple house).
                          And Melanie, you raise a good point! I'm very careful to be careful as opposed to just denying myself - but if I've been good all day, it's an easy way to justify a spoonful (or ten) of peanut butter. On the other hand, if I haven't been good, I figure, ah well, a lost day, might as well make the most of it (a la ten spoonfuls of pb) and be good tomorrow. Le sigh!
                          I have purchased many decaf teas and will sip (glug) accordingly.
                          Thanks for all the input!

                            1. Smaller dinner, plus a planned late snack.

                              1. Don't look at Chowhound at night. When I start surfing through the recipes and restaurant discussions, I get so hungry...!


                                1. Blog of toothpaste on your tongue. You definitely won't want to eat after that. Or watch Fear Factor.