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Feb 22, 2007 07:57 AM

CC City Broiler-Overland Park

Anyone been here before? Thoughts, Pro/Con. Dinner scheduled here for saturday night..

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  1. Sounds like an outpost of the one in Columbia. I've been to that one, but I was young and naive (now I'm just not young anymore). I remember being impressed, but can't remember details. However, I'll be in the area in a month and will probably be taking some clients to dinner, so I'd love to hear a report. If it's good and I can show a bit of my hometown, I'd be pleased.

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      So we tried it out this past Saturday night and had a good time with good food. The Filet I had was for the most part as good as any i've had around here. The only problem I have with it is being so far out in the burbs and it seems to have sort of a strip mall feel to it. But I can't complain at all about the food as it was every bit as good as Ruth's Chris or any of the other "name" places. I think our meal for 2 was around $85, which included the large filet, fish of the day (i think swordfish), and appetizer and a couple drinks. If you're in the area, i'd recommend it if you are looking for good food. I'd consider CC's Broiler kind of a poor mans Morton's.

    2. We went about a year ago and used a (gasp) Entertainment Coupon. The food was tasty (sorry I can’t be more descriptive), but we decided that we were glad we had a buy-one-get-one-free b/c it wasn't incredible. I believe that I had a steak and my husband had a pork chop. I do remember really, really liking the vinaigrette The area we sat in seemed somewhat formal with wood paneling. My uncle (65 y/o from So. JoCo) raves about the place.

      1. I ate there about 2 years ago and also remember it being very good, cheaper than Ruth's Chris and it is very close to where I live so I have no idea why we have not been back since. Maybe because it wasn't memorable enough for me to write about what I had or the fact that we have so many choices when we decide to eat out that I want something ethnic instead of a steak that I could cook at home? No clue. I liked it though. Steaks were fresh, sides were yummy & service was good - sorry that's all I can remember.