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Feb 22, 2007 07:49 AM

Disappointing Cuisinart Toaster - Need to Replace

I bought a Cuisinart CPT-120 toaster and am really disappointed in it. I saw some good reviews on-line but chose to ignore a couple that said that it did not toast both sides the same. They were exactly right! No matter what I do, one side of my toast is wonderful and the other is not.

My toasting requirements are pretty basic. All I want is toast that is uniform and the same on both sides. Being able to do bagels is nice but not absolutely necessary. And I can get by with a toaster than does only two pieces of bread, not four.

Any good recommendations?

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  1. Ditto. I thought mine was just a fluke.

    1. The Krups that CR rated highly for my mom. The top is shaped so that it serves as a warming tray. She loves it. I like how it looks. I got her the 2-slice but they also make a 4-slice:

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        Yeh, I saw the CR article and looked for both the Cuisinart and Krups toasters they rated highly. I couldn't find the Krups anywhere and it turned out that the Cuisinart had been discontinued. So.....dopey me just bought a different model Cuisinart thinking it would perform as well as the CR one!

      2. I just have to start a controversy by saying that my sister has a Dualit at her house and I dislike using that thing. I bought it for her. She wanted it. She's happy. But I think it's a POS of a toaster. Just sayin.

        1. I seem to be the Toaster Provider in the family.

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              I really wish I'd seen this review sooner. The toaster I purchased is NOT RECOMMENDED for the very reasons I cited above!!