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Feb 22, 2007 07:44 AM

Aashiana in Albany

I went to this new place on the beginning of Central called Aashiana (I probably spelled that one wrong, but it's something like that). It's right next to Shalimar and businesses keep changing hands there. They have some mediterranean/lebanese foods for rock bottom prices.

They have an all day special of $2.50 for a falafel wrap. That sucker is HUGE! It's at least a good foot long and really fills you up, heck, it could fill 2 people up. The menu wasn't big, there were a few other dishes, but nothing was over $7. They also had baklava!

Has anyone else tried this place? I really liked the owners - really nice people.

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  1. Haven't tried it, but certainly will now. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm curious- there was a restaurant by the same name on Jay St. in Schenectady for a while- it was Indian/Pakistani. Wonder if there's a connection?

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      I'm not too sure, but I do remember a place in Schenectady by that name too.

    2. It's a branch of the restaurant by the same name on Jay St. in Schenectady; same family, I think, that owns Latham Biryani up on Rt. 9.

      1. So you said the falafel was huge, but was it GOOD?

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        1. re: MisterBill2

          Oh, it was great. I guess I just omitted that part. The falafels are in little donut shapes which threw me for a loop at first, but they taste very nutty. It's just a bunch of good flavors wrapped up together. Also, that yogurt sauce never hurts either ;)