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Feb 22, 2007 07:41 AM

Brunch in Westchester?

I'm looking for a great brunch in the Westchester area to celebrate a special ocassion with my family -- ages 15 to 80. I'm leaning toward the champagne and caviar end of the spectrum. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. LOL, hungryfamily, I've been going through this search for weeks now. What do you need in addition to champagne -- unlimited by the way? -- and caviar (I have only seen this in one place so far and didn't try it)? Ambience? Price? Buffet? Sit down? Hotel? Will you accept a drive to CT?

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      I'm looking for something more fancy than an every-week Sunday brunch, but champagne and caviar aren't strict requirements. Price is open -- it's for my grandmother's 80th birthday, so we're willing to splurge -- and it can be buffet or sit-down, as long as the food's good!
      CT's also an option... any thoughts? thanks!

    2. Equus at the Castle in Tarrytown and L'Escale in Greenwich are fairly elegant and the food is great. Then there's always Crabtree's Kittle House--where the ambiance is less formal, but the food and wine are still top-notch. Menus are up on their website for a closer look. BlueHill Stone Barns does lunch/brunch and is the perfect special event space, PLUS they even offer a dividable private room if you have a ton (12-20) of guests. They're all going to cost you, but Equus (being in a converted mansion) is really special feeling, as is Blue Hill Stone Barns.

      1. hungryfamily, I found the Arch in Brewster just lovely when dining there recently. They have a brunch so they may be to your liking.

        Otherwise, my recent experience tends toward every week Sunday brunch.

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          My family really likes the brunch at McKinney & Doyle (Fine Foods Cafe) in Pawling. Very reasonably priced, entrees are around $8. They make a great scrambled egggs with cream cheese and smoked salmon! Not overly fancy, however.

          Wow I see from their website that brunch at The Arch is $36.

        2. Restaurant X in Rockland County...fabulous food and unlimited champagne.

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          1. re: Marge

            I agree with on X. Is there anyplace comparable to this in Westchester with a really great buffet/passed dishes (Doral Arrowhead is not even close in food quality).

            1. re: MisterBill2

              MisterBill2, can you explain how this works? The food is brought to the table and the diner has to choose? Are the portions tiny? Can someone have some of everything?

              It sounds interesting.

              1. re: dolores

                Not Mr. Bill, Ms. Marge, but I can answer can have whatever you'd like of passed dishes, and absolutely some of everything. Champagne/mimosas/kir royales are constantly replenished. The only problem I have is pacing myself because there are so many wonderful things to try, and you don't know what is coming next. For dessert, they put a large assortment of desserts on the table. I have never left Restaurant X hungry, indeed, I felt like I would not want to eat again for days--it is truly a gluttonous feast.

                1. re: dolores

                  It's as Marge described it. I assume it's the way it used to be in Garrison, a small buffet with carved meats, salad, and then passed dishes. We used to be regulars in Garrison (have not been to it at X) and I generally knew what was coming. There's a bunch of stuff I won't eat like shellfish and pork, so when I saw something I liked, such as the bbq duck or mushroom ravioli, I'd ask for a double (or triple :-) portion.

                  And yes, you won't be hungry for a while.

            2. My husband threw my 30th birthday at Ruby's in Rye. We had the private room upstairs and the food and service were terrific. Sort of a French bistro twist on caviar and champagne.