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Feb 22, 2007 07:40 AM

Where are the good thai places?

I moved to Delray Beach from Greensboro, NC where I am used to eating VERY authentic thai food where they put the spice tray on the table and keep it there and you don't have to ask for it. I have been very disappointed with the pseudo thai chinese cuisine i have found in this area. Many poeople offer chineese food disguised as thai in this area. There is an exception i have found with Chaiyo Thai on Military Trail near Atlantic. Does anybody know of any other authentic thai restaurants in this area within a 50 mile radius? thanks.

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  1. Thai Bayshore on US1 & Commercial Blvd. Next to Subway & Dunkin Donut (SE corner). The food is very good, consistant. I recommend 'kai pad bai kaprow'. Good service. popular place with the local Thais.

    1. You may want to try Jasmine Thai in Margate (corner of Coconut Creek Blvd. & US 441). Very good food, but speak to he owner, Peter, if he's there -- and he's almost always there -- and he may be able to make your dish even more "authentic."

      1. Two very good Thai places in West Palm Beach are Wattana Thai on Dixie Hwy. just south of Forest Hill Blvd. and Thai Thani on Military Trail north of Summit. Both places are run by very nice people and the food is excellent by any standard.

        1. OK, pls. tell me -- why is putting spice on the table a sign of an authentic thai restaurant? Is that it? That's your criteria? Are you thai? Pls. tell me what this means. I'm not thai but have eaten at many thai restaurants that I thought were very good and they did not do this.

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            TandooriGirl , I didn't say spice, I said spice tray. The spice tray is a plate with 4 containers. In each container is a different style of thai chilis to season your food with. One conainer has fish sauce with chopped up hot thai chilis in it. it is called prik nam pla. It is really good if you need salt and heat. Another contains dried ground hot thai chilis, one is a vinegar and Chili(usually chopped jalapenos)combination and the last one is a red chili sauce. These are all great and really enhance the meal. Here in the boca and delray area several of the thai places i have patronized don't have these on their tables because alot of the patrons won't eat food that hot. some places i have asked for it and they don't have it and look at me like they don't even know what i am talking about. Waitstaff in other places have said that the prik nam pla is a staple item in their cuisine, so yes, i do feel that real thai places will offer that as an option for their customers.I have been to some thai places where their spring rolls taste like eggrolls. That's chinese, not thai in my humble opinion.If you like hot food , the next time you go to a thai restaurant ask if they have a spice tray. it makes the food even more tasty.

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              I've seen this at Napasorn, in downtown Orlando, except they present it in an elegant silver-metalic set of small bowls with lids and small ladles to take out the chiles, oil, etc. I thought it was very classy, but have not noticed it at other Thai places.


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                The other night we ate at Zabb in Jackson Heights, Queens, one of the few Issaan regional restaurants in that part of the country. The food was pretty amazing, especially the Yum Sram Krob (a chewy, crunchy, incendiary thing with chicken, hard-cooked jerky-like bits of pork and simultaneously cloudlike and chewy bits of fish, oh lordy). They did give us one small bowl of a fragrant but insanely hot minced-pepper condiment when they brought out some mussels, but no tray of condiments. I've gotten the tray at some awful places and not gotten it at some pretty hardcore ones. I haven't found a correlation yet.

                Besides Thai Bayshore I always heard good things about Panya Thai on NE 163rd St. in North Dade.

            2. Siam Lotus Room is the best Thai I've come across in South Florida. The outside is an ugly green builidng, and the inside is kind of dark and unappealing...but the food is truy excellent. Best tom yom goong i've ever had, and i'm told by a native that it is authentic.