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Feb 22, 2007 07:40 AM

Ghanaian Food - Authentic

Looking for authentic food from Ghana anywhere along the R or F train in Brooklyn. Is this possible? I was watching Bourdain's No Reservations on Monday night and he was in Ghana and the food looked absolutely fantastic. Lots of thick, spicy stews with goat, lamb and other stuff. Is there an outpost of traditional, eat with your hands, Ghanaian (is that the proper way to make and adjective out of Ghana?) anywhere in NYC? Any tips much appreciated.

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  1. To my knowledge, you can't find authentic Ghanian food in Brooklyn. In the Bronx, however, there are several places, including two within walking distance of Yankee Stadium.
    We had fufu (sp?) and spicy fish, along with a number of other authentic Ghanian dishes at one of these restaurants, owned and operated by a lovely woman from Ghana. We were the only guests that evening and had the dining room in the rear to ourselves.

    Check this link for more details:

    1. Thanks, famdoc, I guess I can put aside my Mets allegiance for a night and suffer the indignity of that foul arena in the pursuit of awesome chow.

        1. A bunch of us, including the author of the 1st post on this thread:
          went to Florence's and had a good meal. I believe some other CHounds are going tomorrow night (Friday 2/23) as well.

          1. If you're interested in other African cuisines as well, there is a pretty good Guinean restaurant on Franklin Avenue a few blocks north of Eastern Parkway (by the 2/3/4/5 trains). That cuisine features hearty, flavorful stews (some are peanut-based) served with huge plates of fluffy rice. You can request a cooked habanero pepper on the side to serve as hot sauce.

            I don't think there's any type of African food near an R or F station, anywhere...maybe if you consider Madiba or Keur and Dye as being near Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street.