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Feb 22, 2007 07:37 AM

Charlottesville, Va. Places

Traveling to Charlottesville, va this summer anyone have any recommendations for food places to eat. Possibly with 2 kids also.

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  1. Cville has excellent dining options. The best restaurants aren't too child-friendly (Zocalo, Continental Divide, C&O, Bizou, OXO, etc.). Most are Downtown and kinda upscale. Shebeen is a South African place with great food and is more child-friendly. Cheap and easy local lunch favorite is Bodo's Bagels - 3 locations.

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      1. Although its been awhile since last visit, there are a number of good restaurants in downtown Charlottesville - in additon to the Bizou & OXO mentioned in the previous post, also worth checking out are Blue Light, FuelCo, and Mas.

        1. FuelCo has gone way downhill. They were going for fine dining in a gas station atmosphere, and overshot. Food is very expensive for what you get.

          There is a new sushi/Japanese place called Ten that is just above Blue Light on the Downtown Mall. I've eaten there a couple of times and have had great food (can you say lobster tempura?). Just be careful if you choose to order a la carte sushi. It can get pricey.

          1. As far as child friendly, informal lunch, Bodo's is certainly a good bet, as is Christian's for pizza on the downtown mall. Also, for fun, is the lunch counter at the back of Timberlake's Drug Store. Go back to the time of John Boy Walton and have a grilled cheese and chocolate milkshake - make sure you sit at the counter. Marco & Luca's have great dumplings. Sticks Kabob shop or the Riverside Grill (for burgers and fries) are other favorites of my family.

            Check out the city market on Saturday mornings - the Baker's Palette makes ymmy donuts on the site. Also the Bluegrass Bakery and Grill has great breakfast, but gets crowded fast.

            For dinner and kids - it is a bit tougher. If you need really child friendly (i.e., children's menu), you're probably stuck with places off the downtown mall and chain restaurants. If your children are a bit older and can order off a regular menu, Bizou or Starr Hill restaurant aren't bad choices.