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Feb 22, 2007 07:34 AM

Healthy eating in LA

Where do all y'all like to eat out in LA when watching your calories? Any good suggestions about places and/or dishes you like when you're keeping it healthful?

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  1. the spot in hermosa beach
    bhrat bazaar/ samosa house in culver city/west la
    shamshiri in westwood
    thai boom
    simply wholesome in inglewood
    rahel on fairfax
    ayara thai cuisine near LAX

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      1. re: hungrygirl106

        At The Spot in Hermosa, the Spot Chef salad with Tahini dressing and lots of extra warm savory sauce on the side.

        At Shamshiri, they make an unbelievably tasty lamb fesenjan ... that's pureed walnut/pomegranate sauce with a lamb shank. A really healthy appetizer option is the panir al sabhzi, which is a bunch of fresh herbs, delicious feta, walnuts and pita... sounds basic but so worth it (sprinkle the red sumac powder on it). For dessert though, you have to have the rose ice cream.

        1. re: Cinnamon

          that lamb fesenjan at shamshiri is VERY caloric, WELL over a thousand calories for the dish.
          their vegetarian ghormeh sabzi, though, is much more calorically reasonable--especially if you can control yourself around the rice and bread with which it is served.

          1. re: Cinnamon

            I LOVE the Spot's Mexican sauce. I'm a die-hard carnivore, but I always go back for their enchiladas.

            1. re: EliseT

              next time have them douse your food with the mexican sauce AND get their salsa on the side.

              1. re: westsidegal

                I'm partial to the Dear Bubba. I basically can't order anything else. It sounds boring, but it's great. Collards, beans (I get pinto), brown rice, with their savory sauce, salsa, and cornbread. The cornbread is a little dry and not sweet enough, but is reasonably palatable with some honey on it.

                All that said, I would not recommend this place to someone who doesn't like kinda boring 70s style veg food. I took the gf there yesterday because we were in the South Bay, and she hated it (granted, that's the reason I've avoided taking her there before). I should have given her a warning against ordering anything Mexican on the menu - she got the tacos and didn't like them at all.

          2. re: hungrygirl106

            at ayara thai cuisine they have a whole portion of the menu called 'from the wok.'
            i'd order anything from that portion and have them make it with tofu. if you order the prik king tell them you want them to make it 'easy on the oil'

            at thai boom, my two favorites are:
            the green mango salad made with steamed tofu
            pla prik pao made with steamed tofu and ordered "easy on the oil"

            both these restaurants will be happy to serve brown rice instead of white rice (much healthier).

            1. re: westsidegal

              Keep in mind that anything stir fried, even vegetables, is usually dropped into the deep frying oil for just a few seconds.

          3. re: westsidegal

            Persian food, healthy?!? oh nononono. the only thing that would fit that description is the sabzi (fresh herbs) as an appetizer. Fesenjan is one of the heaviest persian dishes that is practically all pureed walnuts. Yes, nuts are healthy, but that doesn't mean more nuts are healthier.

            If anything, ask for white meat chicken kabob ("chicken barg") and ask for NO butter. A lot of dishes in restaurants have clarified butter (ghee) dribbled over and brushed over everything to make it extra tasty. Control yourself with the rice (I know, it's hard) or ask to swap with a green salad.

          4. *Sashimi at Sushi Gen in downtown, or Z's in Alhambra
            *The butterfish with sizzling soy dressing dish at Roy's. I ask for extra veggies and no rice.
            *At almost any Greek place: chicken kebob, no rice or pita, with tabbouleh and hummus.
            *If I'm eating fancy, I'll get a rare filet mignon with a side of steamed spinach.
            *Extra spicy tuna roll box from Famima!! (they have nutritional info on all their prepackaged foods). Oh and their almond tofu is a good, lo-cal dessert.
            *The Eggs from Hell from Coffee Table in Eagle Rock, but I ask for egg whites only, and easy cheese and no potatoes. It's just a very spicy eggwhite scramble with black beans, salsa and one tortilla.
            *I can usually find pretty healthy soup (non creamy) at various lunch spots, so that and a side salad is satisfying.
            *Lots of places have healthy salads - just ask for the dressing on the side. Favorite salad places include Daily Grill, Granville Cafe in Burbank, and lots of cafes (names escape me at the moment) in the downtown area that specialize in salads.


            1. Rahel
              Follow Your HEart
              Sashimi anywhere
              Real Food Daily
              The Dressing Room
              Gelson's Salad Bar

              1. Vegan Plate in Studio City.

                I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, but my wife & I went there for dinner one night and I was PLEASANTLY surprised at how good the food was

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                1. re: mechugena

                  I've always wanted to try it..are there a lot of nuts and peanuts?

                  1. re: Diana

                    I don't recall exactly. It's Thai-style vegan food, so there's a lot of soy. They do have Almond Milk on the menu as a drink...boy how I love that stuff!

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