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Feb 22, 2007 07:17 AM

White wine to drink on its own....


Does anybody have any favourite white whine they just like to drink on its one (ie, without food)? - something you like to just drink at the end of a long day and is refreshing enough on its own to just 'drink'?!

I'll start off - I currently like a good Viognier on its own - my current favourite being a Renwood 2004 Select Series Viognier. I could sip away at that bottle all night just for the great taste of it! :)

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  1. For an aperitif, I like a high-acid sauvignon blanc, e.g. Marlborough or Sancerre.

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    2. Any particular Sauv Blanc Robert? Any favourite?

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        With one exception (a $6 bottle at Trader Joe's), I've liked every Marlborough s.b. I've tried, so usually I just go for what's cheapest. My favorite is the Giesen but it's hard to find.

        Currently I'm working through a case of 2004 Haute Victoire Quincy, cost around $10 a bottle.

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          In SF, you can get the Giesen at the Jug Shop on Polk and also at Cost Plus in Fisherman's Wharf, both places carry it for $9.99. Can't think where in the East Bay, but these two places have been reliable.

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            Saw it this evening at Andronico's on Shattuck.

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              I saw the 05 Giesen Adams Block at the Richmond, CA, Costco today for $13.79.

          2. i like something that have a bit of sweetness in it. i like the Linginfielder, bird label Riesling Germany, got a hint of citrus, floral, easy to drink. Main Divine Savignon Blanc new zealand, lot of grapefruit, good with food and also good with itself.

            hope that help

            1. Try the Qupe Bien Nacido Hillside Estate(04) Roussane for a exceptoinally smooth stand alone white, a little high in alc.(14.5) but the result is a multi layered delight.

              1. Interesting. I think I've only ever had Roussane in a blend...what's it like alone????

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                  multi layered,leechee nut,almonds,long finish == be sure to drink it at cellar temp .