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Feb 22, 2007 07:16 AM

Good restaurants with easy parking near Kennedy Center?

I am going to the theatre on Sunday night with someone who will be on crutches so parking is critical but so is great food. Does anyone have any ideas? How is the restaurant at the Kennedy Center? Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure about parking, but Dish, which is only a few streets over from the Kennedy Center is really good. It's in a hotel as well I believe so maybe they have valet parking. If you are lucky you can find street parking but that might be difficult

    1. Marcel's (French) has a pre theater dinner for $48, and they will take you to and from the Kennedy Center in an "executive" car.
      Notti Bianche (Italian) is also nearby and recommended. It's also a hotel restaurant, I believe.

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        I ate at Notti Bianche recently and really can't figure out the hype. The monk fish I got was so disgustingly fishy I should have sent it back. Maybe I should have just stuck to their pasta. They are owned by the same folks that own Dish and I liked Dish much better.

        Although I think Notti is getting a new chef so who knows...hopefully it will improve.

      2. Resist any and all temptation to go to the Brasserie at the Watergate! It's close and there's parking but it's terrible. They know they'll get traffic from the KC and therefore they make no effort to attract customers.

        1. For someone on crutches, Marcel's is perfect. Great food pre-theater and you can have a drink in the piano bar after the performance. If you are seeing Carnival, I saw it last night and it was fun. If you are going to see Don Quixote, so am I [we are going to Aquarelle first but Marcel's is better for you].

          1. There is also a shutle bus from the GWU stop right to the K Center. So you can expand your horizons if you are willing to Metro. We often do so when we are on the way to the KC.