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Feb 22, 2007 06:52 AM

40th B-Day in Toronto -- Senses, Susur or . ???

I want to take my husband out for his birthday to a special restaurant with phenomenal food -- preferably, but not necessarily, with a tasting menu. We have never been to Toronto and are really looking forward to our trip! The guidebooks keep mentioning these two, but thought I would ask the posters to this board whether you thought either of these were a good choice for a special occasion or had any other suggestions. Thanks so much in advance. ~KSC

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  1. I really enjoyed my recent Birthday at Scaramouche. Tasting Menus are only available through the week, however.

    1. When I first started planning where I would take my hubby for his 50th birthday, without a doubt it was going to be at Splendido. Mind you, this was back when I thought it was only going to be the two of us. But definitely Splendido. I love their food.

      1. Susur is wonderful - really special (but make sure you book at "Susur" for the full experience, not "Lee," the more casual sister resto next-door).

        Senses was probably recommended on the strength of chef Claudio Aprile who recently left to start his own venture - Colborne Lane (I haven't been as yet).

        I think either would be a treat, but I'd probably lean toward Susur.

        1. Without a doubt Splendido. This is the whole 'Michelin star' experience. Tasting menu (and optional well-chosen wines by the glass for every course); superb service; tables set reasonably far apart; cozy lighting.
          Your guidebooks are a little out-of-date (as mentioned above) as Senses has changed direction recently (it has improved!). Susur is more inventive but the service there has been the subject of much criticism on this board.
          And Scaramouche isn't a bad choice either.

          1. I would also highly recommend Splendido. My friend went to Truffles about a month ago. He said the food was good but not excellent but the service was amazing. The sommelier, Sara D'Amato, was extremely helpful. He felt that even though he's not an expert at wine, she was very informative without being condescending. I have dined there and agree with that statement. He said he found pictures of Truffles (not specifically what he ate) at go to features then photo gallery and then to Jan. chefs. (I have never felt comfortable taking pictures of food in a fine dining establishment myself)
            I had my 25th anniversary dinner at Splendido and it will be forever a highlight to us.

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              I just went to the web site. The plates definately do not look that well in those shots. However, it could be the lighting. But that cheese plate does not look very professional. It does not look like fine dining. Boring and not very appealing. I've seen better pictures from student food blogs than those. You would think being at James Beard, the presentation would be outstanding.

              1. re: biteme

                Hmmm, I am afraid I was correct. Those plates do not look like four star items to me. That cheese plate is rough!!! Sara D'Amato is a genius and should have a chef at the same caliber as herself. To be fair the photography does have poor lighting.