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new to mi, troy and surrounding area

m_kindlund Feb 22, 2007 06:38 AM

hi, so before everyone comments on being crazy for moving to mi in the middle of winter lol i know but it was what i had to do, besides don't know if i was a fan of the state where they voted arnold in as gov. (no offense to arnold he has done some good things) :P
ok hubby grew up in troy but that was 10+/- yrs ago so almost half the places he's suggested aren't there any more
i'm looking for good food, preferably cheap, we're near 18 and dequinder so close to there within 15-20 mins, we've tried Bangkok Cuisine, and a sushi place on 14 near crooks? looking for any good food - any kind

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  1. j
    Jim M RE: m_kindlund Feb 22, 2007 07:37 AM

    Welcome to Michigan, Tia! It's a little drab, but it has its charms. And one of them is Priya at Maple Rd. and Livernois. Not the cheapest Indian in the area but won't break the bank either.

    1. b
      boagman RE: m_kindlund Feb 22, 2007 10:55 AM

      Tia, you live 2 miles directly north of some of the finest Thai available in this area: Pi's Thai Cuisine is on Dequindre Road just north of Big Beaver, on the east side of the road in a strip mall. It may not look like much, but the food there is *great* Thai. It's my favorite, especially now that Ny's Thai Cafe in Novi has changed hands (a *terrible* thing).

      There's another Pi's Thai Cuisine at John R. and I-696, but the Sterling Heights one is just a couple of miles from you. Not worth driving to Hazel Park for the original's experience. Recommendations: the tom yum soup (this is a *must have*), any curry dish, and their fried rice is supposed to be something great, but I've never had it personally. A brief warning: do *not* take their spice levels lightly, since they're very serious about keeping things "accurate." Their "medium" is *more than enough* for me, and I'm pretty spice-happy.


      1. dearborn barkis RE: m_kindlund Feb 22, 2007 11:11 AM

        There's a good Lebanese diner called Anita's Kitchen at 110 W Maple just west of Livernois. The decor is simple and unpretentious, but their kabobs are excellent and prices reasonable.

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        1. re: dearborn barkis
          JanPrimus RE: dearborn barkis Apr 30, 2010 06:37 AM

          Not Anymore.....

          Ripped from the Freep...

          Anita’s Kitchen on Maple Road in Troy, known for its home-style American and Lebanese menu, will close this week after 38 years.

          Founders Anita and Pierre Sarah decided over the winter that, “without divulging their true ages, they are at a point where they’d like to retire,” their son-in-law Joe Wegrzyn said this week. “The day-to-day grind of that location just caught up with them,” he said.

          Both will continue to be active in Anita’s Kitchen on Woodward in Ferndale, the contemporary Lebanese café Wegrzyn and his wife, Jennifer, opened in January 2008. The restaurant’s last day will be Friday. Hours are 7 a.m.-9 p.m. (110 W. Maple; 248-362-0680)

          1. re: JanPrimus
            coney with everything RE: JanPrimus May 3, 2010 05:16 AM

            Ouch, that area is hurting. The Kmart and ABC Warehouse closed, the Good Food store as well.

            Wonder if Priya will stick around.

            Priya Restaurant
            72 W Maple Rd, Troy, MI 48084

        2. x
          xman887 RE: m_kindlund Feb 22, 2007 12:38 PM

          welcome to the 'hood. i am a 17 year troy resident. here are some suggestions:

          gathering place (wattles/john r) for square pizza ($20 family special = large + antipasto salad + pitcher of beer/pop)

          alibi (rochester between square lake & south blvd) for very good round pizza. always busy. no reservations.

          franco's (rochester between big beaver & wattles)- sicilian style italian. small family owned place on the end of a strip mall. simple & fairly priced.

          picano's (across the street from franco's) - northern italian. more upscale and pricy than franco's but very good.

          la shish (rochester, just north of franco's) - middle eastern cuisine. very good. i love their fatoush.

          mon jin lau (maple @ stephenson) - ecclectic asian (i.e., chile pepper squid) plus sushi. high quality food with a unique twist.

          larco's (big beaver between rochester & livernois) - old school italian chophouse relocated from detroit to troy. upscale and in the league of mortons/ruths/shulas/capitol down the street.

          mr. b's (rochester @ wattles) - good place for a burger/sandwich & a beer. big screen tv's. band on some weekend nights. used to be part of an 8 store chain that splintered apart a few years ago. we take our kids their once a month for a quick bite.

          kim's (long lake @ livernois) - nothing fancy about this stereotypical chinese/american restaurant that serves basic/decent a.b.c., sweet & sour pork, chow mein, etc.

          orchid cafe (rochester just north of big beaver & square lake @ livernois) - solid thai food

          bistro 227 (main - downtown rochester) a great little bistro menu with a good wine list

          rochester chop house (main - downtown rochester) very good steakhouse and raw bar (kabin kruser's)

          kruse & muer - (several locations including crooks & big beaver, main - downtown roschester). well prepared seafood

          rochester mills (water street, down town rochester) - large brew pub w/ tv's & pool tables, good burger/sandwich/pizza menu with decent entrees (fish, steak, etc.).

          andiamo osteria (main, down town rocjester) - twelve store (slightly different versions) privately owned chain that started from one place 15-20 years ago. good italian

          black lotus brewery (clawson - main (livernois) @ 14 mile) - new brew pub with good beers. very limited menu of aps, a burger, a pizza, a salad or two, but they will have green lantern (12 mile & john r) pizza delivered (very good).

          plus there is a whole host of places in birmingham (mitchell's, cameron's, 220 merrill, streetside seafood, dick o'dow's, etc), ferndale (assaggii bistro, como's pizza, howe's bayou, maria's front room), and royal oak (bastone, monterey, pronto, lily's seafood, etc.)

          good luck chow hounding.

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          1. re: xman887
            boagman RE: xman887 Feb 22, 2007 01:43 PM

            "mon jin lau (maple @ stephenson) - ecclectic asian (i.e., chile pepper squid) plus sushi. high quality food with a unique twist."

            Is this place really worth it? I have my monthly locksmith meeting directly next door to it at the UAW hall, and I've walked in to view the menu and surroundings. It's certainly upscale in terms of pricing and ambience, but is the food worth the extra cabbage? That's what I care most about.

            "mr. b's (rochester @ wattles) - good place for a burger/sandwich & a beer. big screen tv's. band on some weekend nights. used to be part of an 8 store chain that splintered apart a few years ago. we take our kids their once a month for a quick bite."

            Never been a fan of the Mr. B's locations, myself, and that includes Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak. It's not that it's a *terrible* place or anything, but the food's certainly nothing over the traditional "GFS industrial stuff" that you can find absolutely anywhere, and Mr. B's has this *nasty* habit of nickle-and-diming people to death: dressing with your salad? $1 extra for bleu cheese, sir! Soup? $1 extra for, what is it, French onion? They do this in lots of places, or at least they *used* to. I haven't been in quite a while since I wrote the place off.

            "black lotus brewery (clawson - main (livernois) @ 14 mile) - new brew pub with good beers. very limited menu of aps, a burger, a pizza, a salad or two, but they will have green lantern (12 mile & john r) pizza delivered (very good)."

            I wish I drank beer, because I've heard nothing but raves about this place. I've been told that it's basically an anti-bar with *great* brew. They emphasize actual conversation and fellowship, rather than distraction and noise. A typical sports bar this is *not*, from what I hear. I'm told that the menu is going to be *vastly* improved, which intrigues me a good bit. It's certainly the destination in Clawson, and considering that Noble Fish is just a few doors down, the location is practically idea.

            Oh, and Como's in Ferndale? I've lived here for almost 35 years, and while I appreciate their contribution to the city, their food is so absolutely overrated that I never recommend anyone go there.

            Good Birmingham suggestions, though. And Kruse & Muer's *rocks*, especially their bread! :)

          2. m
            m_kindlund RE: m_kindlund Feb 23, 2007 06:11 AM

            thanks for the help, i knew there had to be some good food out there, i really appreciate being pushed in the right direction with out having to try the many restaurants in the area :)

            1. Sugarbritches RE: m_kindlund Mar 7, 2007 06:56 AM

              If you like indian, you must try Rangoli! They have a fabulous lunch buffet M-Sat. It's in a little plaza on Auburn Rd in Rochester. Nice atmosphere inside and very friendly staff.

              My fiancee and I love to try new places. Here are some of our favorites:

              The Fly Trap-on Woodward in ferndale...very small diner type place. Great music (past three times we were there we heard The Jam, The Specials and Joe Strummer) Hip interior and the menu is pretty eclectic. They serve breakfast all day now and always have 3 specials two of which rotate. My personal favorite is the Yoko Ono-- an omelette made with sweet potatoes and curry sauce. Other menu favorites are the B.L.A.T sandwich (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato) and the pho bowl which you can get with chicken or tofu.

              Toast: Another breakfast lunch place. Also on Woodward in Ferndale. Generous size breakfast dishes. Some of which are sweet enough to be dessert but we won't go there ;)
              Get there early as is there is almost always a wait.

              Frittatas: in Clawson on Main St. Cozy breakfast and lunch spot. Loved the ambiance...and the food was excellent.

              Cafe Habana: behind Bastone's in downtown Royal Oak. Nice little cuban place. Love their carne asada. Can't vouch for their breakfast but they are open on Sat and Sunday mornings.

              Muse: Washington Ave, Downtown Royal Oak lovely little breakfast/lunch spot. Eclectic menu items that were very tasty.

              Crust: Pizza spot in Rochester and also in Bloomfield. Only eaten at the Rochester location. Bloomfield was absolutely packed on a Saturday night. Great thin crust pizza. Decent sangria. their little desserts are perfect to hit your sweet tooth afterwards.

              Sangrias: Spanish food. Awesome white sangria. love their tapas menu. havent tried their paella but it looks absolutely scrumptious.

              Redcoat Tavern: The best burgers EVAH! Nuff said. On Woodward in Royal Oak. They are usually lined up out the door.

              Anita's Kitchen: on 15 mile at Livernois in Troy. Love their super falafel.

              As I think of others I will post.

              1. j
                josides RE: m_kindlund Mar 7, 2007 07:18 AM

                if your looking for good sushi try Cafe Sushi on Maple between Crooks and Coolidge (across from the Troy Motor Mall)....great for carryout too!

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