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Feb 22, 2007 06:19 AM

Bachelor Party Weekend - Need Saturday Brunch Spot

While I realize this isn't the most chowish request I'm wondering if anyone can help with the situation. We need a place that can comfortably accommodate about 10 guys. . .nothing fancy since most of us will likely have hangovers ugly enough to scare a small child. We're shooting for something downtown (Union Sq, Nolita, Village (east or west), Tribeca) Perhaps a place with a good bar and equally good food? Normally I'd side with a Five Points or a Cookshop type place -- but with the characters I'm dining with that's like a bull(s) in a china shop.

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  1. NoHo Star on Bleecker would be a good option - they have a great bar and the food has always been good. It's pretty casual too. There is usually a wait at peak times but they might take reservations for a group that big.

    1. Agree completely on Noho Star - perfect for the situation you've described....

      1. Essex on the corner of Essex and Rivington has a good affordable brunch and can take large parties.

        1. Freeman's may be exactly what you're looking for -- good bar, good food. They may take reservations for a party of 10. If not, then get there around 11 and they should be able to accomodate you. Their brunch is solid and the place has bachelor party written all over it.

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            Excellent idea - haven't been since their remodeling/expansion - will check it out.