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Feb 22, 2007 05:51 AM

X&O Restaurant in Stoughton - Any Hounds Been Yet?

I'm curious if any Hounds have checked out the new X&O Restaurant on Route 138 in Stoughton. I work in the area and my co-workers and I are wondering if it's any good. Thanks!

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  1. I've been to X&O in Quincy - thought it was so-so. I dont know if they're related though.

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      Same prior experience in Quincy. Same operation in new location where Albert's was for many years. RIght on Rt 138

    2. I was just there this past Saturday and it's a great hang out place. The food is good and the drinks are reasonable. Try it you might like it.

      P.S. I don't think there's any relation to the X&O in Quincy.

      1. There was (is?) an X&O Cafe in Southie on Old Colony above Mass Glass. I honestly thought it was some kind of a strip joint based on what the people looked like going in and coming out of the place. I'm curious, is the one in Southie a place to eat?

        1. I was just there for cocktails last week. Atmosphere is very nice--couches and comfy chairs and a fireplace for cocktails. Main bar has lots of flat-screen tvs for watching sports. Quincy locale is closed. I believe there is a branch of the restaurant in Providence.