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What else to do with big pot of black beans?

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I'm trying to get one more night out of them. They are somewhat soupy but not too wet. Thanks.

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  1. Make refried black beans.

    1. Puree them, cook them down, add spices and bits of ham/bacon, and maybe bits of vegetables (or puree the veg in), swirl in a dollop of sour cream or creme fraiche and voila, gourmet soup. This soup can also be frozen for later, once it's cooked a while.

      Think Caribbean or Cuban, for a change from Mexican. Google "black bean soup."

      1. Throw in some tomatoes, sauteed onions and garlic, and a quartered orange along with thyme and/or rosemary and parsley -- makes a great soup with some crusty bread or over rice.

        1. Make chili, add in cooked black beans. Cook some down a little thicker & use for burritos. Stick some in the freezer; they taste just fine defrosted/reheated.

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            Second the burritos suggestion - I do this all the time with garlic and jalepenos, corriander etc and it's great.

          2. One of my favorite simple Mexican dishes is enfriolades.

            Same idea as enchiladas - instead you dip the lightly fried tortillas in the black bean puree, fold into quarters -plate- and then top with queso seco and maybe a little salsa (verde) or even nice scrambled eggs.

            As it is a little messy, I reccomend eating with fork and knife. Incredibly earthy and satisfing.

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              Thanks for all the suggestions. I was hoping to somehow disguise the beans a little better! We've been eating them as soup and in soft tacos already. It may be time to put them in the freezer!