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Feb 22, 2007 05:30 AM

New BBQ opens in New Smyrna Beach

Piggin-N-Grinnin opened Wednesday at 642 N. Dixie (US 1). Features usual assortment of bbq meats and I can attest that the beef brisket is first rate. Future visits will try the pork (pulled and sliced). Been looking for a good bbq in the New Smyrna area and looks like this will fit the bill nicely. Open 11 - 8 Wednesday thru Saturday.

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  1. Are they using wood? gas? details!!

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    1. re: spankyhorowitz

      My wife and I tried the new "joint" again for lunch today. I did a little more snooping around out back and found that they do smoke on the premises. When I asked about the wood used, I was told they use hickory. I had another brisket sandwich and my wife had a pulled pork sandwich. Both were very good. As we were waiting for our orders, my wife asked the counter man about their ribs. He proceeded to hand her a rib to try and it was excellent.

      I'm very happy to have this new place so close to us. I think it's gonna be a very regular stop for us.

    2. Coming from Deland on 44 which way do I go on US1 ?

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        Coming from Deland, turn left (north) on US1. Come up several blocks to 642. It's on left hand side (west) just before Wayne Ave (where Blackbeards restaurant is).

      2. They have a nicely painted trailer and have vended out of New Smyrna for several years.

        They have also cooked a couple comps,I believe.


        1. Haven't tried them yet, though, today, I did try Phat BBQ on S. Atlantic and Flagler. The pulled pork was, by my standards (a Canadian on vacation here in NSB) really very good.

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            I was dissappointed and thought I the collards were a nightmare.

          2. I'm going to disagree with most of you. I found the brisket dry and not very flavorful. The buttered toasted bread actually masked the taste of the brisket.

            Just to be sure, we left immediately and headed to Little Neal's, just a 2 min drive away and ordered a brisket sandwich. Not only was the roll delicious and toasted but the brisket itself was much juicer and much better seasoned.

            I strongly recommend Lil' Neal's over Piggin N Grinnin. If you're stuck at Piggin-grinnin for some reason, make sure you order your drink with no ice. They fill the cup completely and becase of the heat, it melts and refreezes and I was unable to get my straw inside.

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            1. re: lost squirrel

              I only liked the brisket at Piggn and Grinn. Nothing else. I must try Lil neals. Thanks for the tip

              1. re: lost squirrel

                I much preferred the prior bbq joint at the Lil Neal's location. I tried the pulled pork sandwich at Lil Neals and it was so greasy I could barely get it down. Haven't tried the brisket there.

                1. re: lost squirrel

                  Sorry squirrel but you gotta be outta your mind. Lil Neal's has the toughest, most loaded with gristle ribs I've ever had in my life. The only good thing I have to say about that place is their baked beans, although a little too sweet, too much mollasses. Piggin 'n Grinnin has brisket that falls apart in your mouth. If it was dry when they first opened, it certainly isn't now. Their sides are great, large amount of curly fries, great red potato salad, and the best baked beans around!!! Only bad thing about Piggin is that they aren't open on Mondays. As is stated on this board, the owner will give you a sample of something to try if you wish and they are very accomodating.