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Soup Dumplings - Where else?

Several weeks ago I was at New Green Bo and the soup dumplings were really disappointing - not hot enough actually, still a little gelatinous inside. The dough was also a little tough.

Then about a week later I went to Shanghai Cuisine and had amazing soup dumplings. Hot enough, flavorful, tender, etc.

Where is your favorite soup dumpling? Or is there another dumpling I am missing out on?


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    1. re: Gruvinaus

      Pell Street. Yep, they are pretty good there, no doubt.

      For a variation on the theme - the french onion soup dumplings at Stanton Social are actually really good.

    2. NY Noodletown--I think it's on Bowery and Bayard. They make them with shrimp, not pork. These are wontons, are these what you mean?

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        Whay you're thinking of is dumplings in soup. The soup dumplings we're talking about have the soup inside of the dumpling. If you've never had them get down to Joe's Shanghai (or Joe's Ginger if the wait is too long- it's right up the street) and be prepared to be amazed.

      2. Shanghai Cafe on Mott St.

        They have ones with just pork or crabmeat and pork. I prefer just pork. Delicious!

        1. Our Place II on 55th between Lex and 3rd. Great soup dumplings and great Mu Shoo Chicken. Pan fried dumplings are great too.

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          1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

            don't forget their Shanghai Flat Noodles !!! My favorite!!

          2. I second Shanghai Cafe - I've had both pork and crabmeat, both are excellent. Their pork buns are very good as well!

            1. Joe's Shanghai on Pell St like the others said or Joe's Shanghai in Flushing is the only way to go. They make the best soupy dumplings, try the regular and the crabmeat one and see which one is your fave. The other restaurants either don't get the dough right or the filling is not as tasty.

              1. Funny, I had the pork ones there a couple of weeks ago and they were really good. About 7 on a Friday night.

                1. Straying from the standard Chinese recommendations, I like the french onion soup dumplings at Stanton Social.

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                  1. re: ChowDiva

                    At Stanton, I was expecting to get something that _looked_ like a Joe's Shanghai soup dumpling but with onion soup and perhaps different ingredients...this was not the case.

                    Although they were good (I don't think I liked them as much as everyone else does) they were very different from what I expected. They were about the size as a golf ball and were a pain to get out of their receptical, which resulted in a blob on my plate.

                    1. re: ultbil

                      i agree- i tried these with high hopes. but the ones i had were not very soupy at all, they seemed a bit too solid. perhaps they were not warm enough.

                  2. NEW GREEN BO on bayard near mott is the best in myopinion, grand szechuan (sp?) is also very good.

                    1. i've had joe's.

                      grand sichuan (ie. midtown) is just a little worse than joe's.

                      but if you don't want to have the hassle of waiting forever at joe's to get a table, the soup dumplings at goody's (across the triangle area of chinatown) are just as good, and a bit less expensive.

                      1. I'm surprised no one mentioned the restaurant across of New Green Bo-- New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe. That's my go to Shanghainese restaurant. Plus, I never have to worry about waiting in line. There's plenty of seating!

                        1. No offense but New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe has plenty of seating for a reason. In my opinion their food is average at best. It's not terrible but definitely nothing to write home about.

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                          1. re: moymoy

                            Well, I find their food to be on the same level as New Green Bo. :) Of course I can't compare their dumplings to the ones I've had in Shanghai! Also, New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe has a lot more physical seating than New Green Bo.

                            1. re: moymoy

                              I'm gonna have to second teresa on this one. New Yeah Shanghai's soup dumplings are the best Ctown. Excellent flavor + just the right amount of "soup" and they are actually bite size which is the way it should be. Their other Shanghainese dishes are about as authentic as they get in Ctown. Try to order a Pork Should in Honey Sauce at any other joint and then go to Yeah for the real deal.

                              Shanghai Cafe has the second best soup dumplings. They were better 4 years ago when they were south of Canal and known as Shanghai Gourmet but still passable today.

                              New Green Bo has been on a downward trajectory for a good 4-5 years now. It's a guilo trap, the employees have horrible attitude and the worst part waiting in line for what they try to pass off as soup dumplings!

                              I'm not even going to talk about Joe's Shanghai's soup dumplings, they are a disgrace to all Shanghainese!

                              1. re: pabboy

                                Hmm, Joe's Shanghai's soup dumplings a disgrace? It's each to their own but I find that a bit farfetched. People who don't want to wait on line, go to New Yeah's it's decent just not great.

                                1. re: moymoy

                                  People who stand in line are believers of past glories and/or not adventurous enough to venture beyond what's been written in the Times. I'm recounting my experiences of eating with Shanghainese friends. But hey what do I know? I'm only Cantonese/Taiwanese and a little bit of Hunanese ;-)

                                  1. re: pabboy

                                    Puhleeze, believer of past glories? Not adventurous enough? and kowtowing to the Times? Simply, I've tried them all and JS remains my personal favorite. Emphasis on personal. Or maybe I should go with a few Shanghainese to make my opinion more legit.

                                    1. re: moymoy

                                      I think it's obvious that there are different camps on many restaurants in Chowhound. Where to go for soup dumplings is one example. Best Sichuan food in Manhattan is another. In the end, there seem to be no absollutes.
                                      I personally didn't like Joe's Shanghai when I went, but I think that's the point, people react differently and thus decide on their own favorite.

                                2. re: pabboy

                                  I'm a big fan of Joe's but would love to try a "bite size" dumpling. Where is New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe?

                                  1. re: pastoralia

                                    It's on Bayard next to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, across the street from New Green Bo.

                              2. M Shanghai Bistro in Williamsburg.

                                1. I'm going to utter blasphemy: I found delicious soup dumplings in Midtown, and there was no wait. Joe's Shanghai has a branch on 56th Street, and, on that Saturday afternoon, it was only half full. However, the dumplings were amazing; fat, soupy, and when I commented on how the juices tasted creamy, my friend said it was probably because the fat was so good! It was. They were better than the ones I had on Pell Street, and I didn't even have to share a table with 6 other diners.

                                  1. Another vote given to Shanghai Cafe on Mott but if you are able to travel to Flushing, go to this place on Prince Street facing the small municiple parking lot, it is the only restaurant with a blue banner (name in Chinese: Nan-Xiang soup dumplins). Joe's was the #1 five years ago, but now it is no where near it, in my opinion.

                                    1. i've had joe shanghai's and grand sichuan's.
                                      for good cheap dumplings, try dumpling house. 5 dumplings for 2 bucks. you really can't beat that.

                                      1. Thanks for all the suggestions! I have made a list and look forward to systematically tasting the recommended soup dumplings!

                                        1. As an uptown option, Shanghai Pavilion on 3rd between 78th and 79th has decent xiao long bao and tong po pork. I like the crab + pork soup dumplings better than the plain pork ones. Haven't done a side by side against joe's or shangahi cafe, but have had both and to me all three are comparable. Haven't tried new green bo, so can't comment there. One warning - the dumplings at Shanghai Pavilion are more expensive than the other two options.

                                          1. new green bo is pretty damn good.
                                            how do they get the soup in these dumplings anyway?
                                            anybody know where to find non meat soup dumplings. veg

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                                            1. re: theblackpandas

                                              The "soup" is a combination of aspic (meat stock gelatin that melts as it is heated), water and grease released from the pork as it is cooked.

                                              1. re: pabboy

                                                In Shanghai it seems as if they freeze the meat/fish/fat/liquid mixture and shave it like a granita then placing it in the dumpling skin. At least the place that I saw Ming Tsai go to in Shanghai did it this way....not the aspic route.