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Feb 22, 2007 05:00 AM

Brewpub near Reagan International Airport?

Hello, hopefully this is not a redundant post (I checked for answers before posting, and wan't able to find a relevant thread). I'm meeting a friend from grad school tomorrow in the DC area... he's staying in Arlington, fairly close to the airport. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good brewpub nearby (within a 5-10 miledrive)? We're really just looking for a place with good beer/burgers and not so loud that we can't hear each other. Thanks!

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  1. It's not e brewpub, though Sine in Crystal City has acceptable burgers and beer. In that same center is Lebanese Taverna with great mediterranian food. You aren't too far from Ruth's Chris & Morton's, probably too upscale for what you're talking about. Crystal City- close to Reagan- is kind of big box store hell, but if you look closely there's some decent stuff. Also, Crystal City Sports Bar is ok. Stay away from Bailey's at all costs though.

    1. Cool, thanks for the recs. The Lebanese place sounds great, although I'm not sure my friend will go for it. If not, I'll give it a try some other time (love Mediterannean food!)

      1. BTW, that is Regan National Airport, not International

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          Actually, its "Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport."

          But I still just refer to it as "National."

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            I refer to it still in the same way.

            In addition to Cap City in Shirlington, I'll add Bungalow also in Shirlington, especially if there's any desire for wings - I consider theirs the best hot wings in the area. (there are better other wings elsewhere, but that's another post).

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            Oop. Sorry. In my defense, I posted before drinking my coffee (silly, just silly).

          3. Brewpubs within 5-10 miles of National:

            1. Capitol City in Arlington (Shirlington)
            2. Rock Bottom in Arlington (Ballston)
            3. Cap City in DC (downtown and near Union Station)
            4. Gordon Biersch in DC (Chinatown)
            5. District Chophouse in DC (Chinatown)

            Farther out there's a GB in Tyson's, a Sweetwater in Merrifield and the Old Dominion brewpub way out by Dulles.

            Since you'll be in Arlington, I'd recommend Cap City. Decent beers and bar food, including burgers. Its in Shirlington, just off 395. Here's their website:

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              Looks good, just printed out directions. Do you know if parking will be an issue? Thanks!

              1. re: Chao

                Probably not in shirlington, probably so in DC.

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                  There are several free parking garages in the area.

              2. Not exactly a brew pub, but a place that specializes in beer and also features a cask of conditioned real ale every night. And, it's only 10 minutes/3.5 miles from the airport.
                Rustico Restaurant and Bar on Slater's Lane in Alexandria. Really good pizzas too.

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                  I love Rustico's beer selection, but the food may be a bit fancy/expensive for what he's looking for. Although the pizzas are yummy.

                  The atmosphere's a little upscale/yuppie for grabbing a beer and a burger with a buddy, however. I guess it depends on them and their taste...

                  1. re: round hound

                    Thanks for the link... I think we're probably going to go with Capitol City for tonight, but I appreciate the tip on where to find real ale... may have to make a side-trip to pick up a six-pack to go (as mentioned on the website) or a quick pint, esp since I see they have Lefthand Milk Stout on tap!