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Feb 22, 2007 04:52 AM

Where to go for some good Georgian food?

I used to live in Estonia, and there was an abundance of excellent Georgian restaurants. I found myself missing the sweet wines and spicy grilled meats - and then I walked by a few places purporting to be Georgian in the Brighton Beach/Coney Island area, but I'm not sure if any of them are good. I keep telling my girlfriend how great Georgian cuisine is. Where to go for Georgian in NYC, preferably Brooklyn?

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  1. you should do a search for "georgian" on the Outer Boroughs board.

    There are several Brooklyn Georgian restaurants, of which Ive only visited a couple, Primorski, on the Brighton Beach Ave, which has a great deal lunch and a nightclubby atmosphere and the Georgian Bread bakery (which has prepared foods as well as breads) a block or so from the Brighton Beach strip. These and others will come up if you search Outer Boroughs.

    1. I second Primorski's and the lunch special is great

      1. Thanks! Jen, I noticed in another board that you're a fellow IAA grad. Ha!

        Anyway, didn't read these suggestions in time, and ended up dragging my g/f to Pirosmani, which was empty except for us. She had this great chicken tabaka; I got a veal stew with greens and plums, which was unlike anything I've ever had before, but the cut was WAY too fatty. I think I'd go back. On our way out the door I asked the waiter why no one was there, and he told us they were having kitchen problems. Suspicious... I'll try Primorski next time.

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          IAA? Doesnt compute. must be another, younger Jen Kalb!