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Feb 22, 2007 04:51 AM

Lunch in Bay Ridge

Working in this hood for a few days this week, had Tanoreen(Awesome) cheesesteak factory (eh) & Petes Pizza (horrific). Any other good suggestions? Under or as close to ten bucks would be great (thats what I get reembursed).

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  1. There is a nice hole in the wall for tacos etc. at 7218 3rd Ave - used to be called "Bayridge Acapulco" but lately I saw the name has changed. (Hope it is still the same ladies!)

    People say nice things about "Gourmet Grill" on 3rd for salads.

    Lots of good bars for burgers - Bean Post on 5th has a good rep for that, and I like Kettle Black on 3rd near 86th.

    And on a cold day a big bowl of pho (vietnamese soup with a spicy beef broth) at Pho Hoai 8616 4th Ave hits the spot.

    1. You won't regret getting the chicken schwarma at

      Karam Restaurant
      8519 4th Ave
      (718) 745-5227

      It's a well known chowhound jewel.

      1. Karam is fantastic (had a chicken shwarma there today for lunch- so serious). and also highly recommended in the old school luncheonette world in bay ridge is Hinch's Confectionary. great old school egg salad w. bacon sammiches, tuna, fountain sodas, soups, super old school, nice and cheap, good egg cream. old school ny scene. highly recommended (my wife and daughter LOVE it). enjoy fb

        1. Skinflint's (on 5th Ave in the 70s) used to have the #1 burgers in Bay Ridge (and possibly Brooklyn). Haven't tried them in a while, but yes, Kettle Black's are excellent.

          That Mexican place you mention has awesome sandwiches. I always get pork. But they're never very busy -- I don't know how they survive. There's a real gaudy and bright Mexican place that opened up directly across the street a few weeks ago. I went there once and thought it was sufficient. But the little hole in the wall on the west side of 3rd is better.

          I'm sure Yellow Hook has already been mentioned on the boards. It's at Ovington and Third in the old Lento's spot. I think it's great. Always full -- for many reasons: it's owned by a prominent Bay Ridge family and all their friends have been coming and there's a lack of American-style restaurants in that end of Bay Ridge. You'll spend less than you would in other Bay Ridge places. I've only been there for dinner though; don't know what their lunch situation is.

          1. Didn't Gourmet Grill close? Try Nature's Grill instead. Also, I am a big fan of Pegasus for turkey burgers. Nouvelle has a lunch special. My kids love this little place on 5th and 87th. Asian bakeryesque place. A salmon bento box is about $6