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Feb 22, 2007 04:17 AM

Group of 14 Fun place but good food help!!

Plans have changed am now looking for a fun and casual place under $ 40.00 plus drinks for a 5oth birthday. Food has to be good. Pizza, Italian ,maybe Mexican. Not Chinese. In the Village, Chelsea, wherever I'm thinking TriBeca may be crazy since we're going during the film festival. Place where we could stay after dinner and chat over drinks too. A place that would take reservations would also be helpful with such a big group.

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  1. Otto for pizza, etc.

    Two Mexicans to look into: Suenos and Rocking Horse Cafe.

    1. Village on 9th street has a 2 course 28.50 prix fix that includes a glass of house wine or draft beer. I think the atmosphere and crowd is perfect for a 50th b-day dinner.

      1. Thanks I left a message at Otto hopefully there is availability thanks so much!